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By David Poland

What It Means

Why is there so much variation in the critics groups?
Well, there are often all kinds of competitive politics involved. And, as we are sure to see tomorrow, with the Golden Globes nods, a lot of managing of votes in some groups.
But my basic instinct this season is that LAFCA and NYFCC and others just don

5 Responses to “What It Means”

  1. Not to harp on the Oscar predictors again buuuuut…do you think the variation is in direct relation to the predictor sites all stepping in line and jumping on the “expected” nominations?
    I mean, if as a critic you really truly love a smaller film and the predictor sites are all up on Eastwood/Button/Slumdog, etc., then you should use your voice to draw attention to a film that’s not getting notice. If these Oscar prediction sites would go away then critics could hash it out amongst themselves like they used to and the real cream would rise to the top. Instead, we get these token oddball votes from all over the U.S.

  2. Mahtigwess says:

    Out here in the real world nobody knows about Slumdog. I just went to a free screening and have been recommending it to everyone, and they have no idea what I am talking about.

  3. Joe Leydon says:

    Does the Golden Globe snub pretty much end all the loose talk about a possible Best Picture nomination for The Dark Knight? Or not?

  4. David Poland says:


  5. Hopscotch says:

    Joe’s Question: NOT
    How about Eastwood / Gran Tarino?
    But Maht, I disagree completely, the Slumdog curiousity is through the roof from the people I speak with. I know many who are dying to see it.

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