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BYOB – Christmas Eve…. ahhhhh

If you don’t get the reference, check the Top Ten lists…

7 Responses to “BYOB – Christmas Eve…. ahhhhh”

  1. T. Holly says:

    T.Holly: Rev Rd, Milk, Wall E, House Bunny, Gomorrah, Defiance, Body of Lies, Taxi to the Dark Side, Operation Filmmaker and Stop-Loss.
    Ray Pride: 1 – Reprise, 2 – Silent Light, 3 – Happy-Go-Lucky, 4 – The Dark Knight, 5 – Of Time And The City, 6 – A Christmas Tale, 7 – My Winnipeg, 8 – Summer Palace, 9 – Edge of Heaven, 10 – Still Life
    David Poland (Note: NOT RANKED): 1 – A Christmas Tale, 2 – Battle For Haditha, 3 – Che, 4 – Hunger, 5 – Man On Wire, 6 – Milk, 7 – Rachel Getting Married, 8 – Slumdog Millionaire, 9 – WALL-E, 10 – Waltz with Bashir.
    I can make yours up. I do astrology and tarot card reading too.

  2. T. Holly says:

    Sorry, I missed Kim Voynar on first go round, but knew to look back. Go Frozen River!
    1 – Frozen River
    2 – A Christmas Tale
    3 – Happy-Go-Lucky
    4 – Slumdog Millionaire
    5 – Rachel Getting Married
    6 – Milk
    7 – The Visitor
    8 – In Bruges
    9 – Chop Shop
    10 – Adam Resurrected

  3. Triple Option says:

    Despite the fact that it’s been cloudy and cold, it really doesn’t seem like it’s Christmas Eve already. I’m not even close to sick of hearing carols. Although I will support any legislation that makes it a federal offense to cover “The Christmas Song.” Nat King Cole – ONLY!! Mel Torme, obviously since he wrote it but at this point I don’t know if we should even give Natalie a pass. I guess Nat would want it that way but apart from that NO MAS!

  4. Joe Leydon says:

    Merry Christmas to one and all!

  5. anghus says:

    Seeing Rachel Getting Married on any list just amazes me. Anne Hathaway was brilliant. Everything else was a meandering mess.
    Any love for that movie will do nothing but confuse me. Small, intimate story moments flanked between world music and long scenes where nothing happens.
    While i can understand respect for a failed experiment, it still failed.

  6. EOTW says:

    Just saw WENDY & LUCY. Can someone explain to me why someone would steal dog food when they have at least $50 on their person?

  7. Joe Leydon says:

    Very happy to see Valkyrie and Benjamin Button posting better Christmas Day numbers than many — most? — expected.

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