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Thankful '08

It has been a year of much turmoil in this country and in both industries of filmed entertainment and journalism. So much so that a list of my film pleasure thanks seems insanely indulgent. And unfortunately, in this year, far too limited. But it has been a tradition for a long time and one that gives me some perspective and no small amount of pleasure. And so

7 Responses to “Thankful '08”

  1. IOIOIOI says:

    Good stuff as usual Pulsar, but you had to once again THROW TDK UNDER THE BUS! Oh you will see, sir. You will see. I am thankful for you still being in business though. Nice little corner of the world you made for yourself here.

  2. LexG says:

    I AM THANKFUL FOR KRISTEN STEWART, CHRISTINA RICCI, PARIS HILTON, Alicia Keys, Evan Rachel Wood, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, David Poland not banning me, Defamer for pimping my shit, Jason Statham, Ridley Scott, vodka, beer, whiskey, metal, The Shield having a perfect last season, Viagra, and the scene in The Duchess where Hayley Hotwell macks on Keira’s neck, FUCK YEAH.

  3. IOIOIOI says:

    Never ever leave the woman off of that list who has no idea how to play a celibate woman. Nat Portman… A number 1! Also; you need Viagra? You got a heart condition Lex? Do you carry a rattler around with you?

  4. Not David Bordwell says:

    Hey, David, I’ve been meaning to thank you for Larry Gross and his 48 hrs. Diaries. Revelatory. Wife and I rented The Warriors one weekend and double-featured Streets of Fire with To Live and Die in LA. Walter Hill — amazing. Makes Friedkin look infantile and self-indulgent in comparison (the car chase, e.g., is interminable and absurd — this guy made French Connection?!?).
    Anyway, thanks for publishing that. Best thing I’ve read on MCN all year.

  5. LexG says:

    Maybe my all time favorite director; Quite possibly the only “mainstream” director as nihilistic and contemptuous of ALL HUMANITY as yours truly.
    In his movies, EVERYBODY GETS OWNED. How riveting is it when EVERY CHARACTER ON SCREEN IS AN ABSOLUTE MONSTER, *exactly* like in real life, where THE WORLD IS BULLSHIT and EVERYONE is an asshole?

  6. Not David Bordwell says:

    I see what you mean about Friedkin, Lex, but it’s hard to deny that the man who brought us Red Heat and the first episode of Deadwood OWNS in equal measure.
    Don’t make AHNULD rip off your wooden leg and beat you with it.

  7. Not David Bordwell says:

    As long as we’re being thankful, your system for defeating typepad frustration works like a charm.

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