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The Gothams Deal The Joker

A few things struck me as I looked at the Gotham Awards nominations (which by the way, seem to have been successfully embargoed on the web and elsewhere until this morning

4 Responses to “The Gothams Deal The Joker”

  1. freddy2000 says:

    real omission is SAVAGE GRACE

  2. jeffmcm says:

    Omission from what? Savage Grace was terrible and Julianne Moore was not especially good in it.

  3. In the few years that I have followed the awards circuit (I first started getting interested in “the process” as I followed Moulin Rouge! during the season) I’ve never quite understood these Gotham awards. Didn’t they nominate Marie-Antoinette two years ago? I like that movie, but there wasn’t anything independent about that, right?
    Not that the IFPs are any better after years of barely supporting the sort of independent cinema that they claim to be about and nominating high end studio-produced fare.

  4. T. Holly says:

    This has been your best post since the Donate in a Friends Name for Planned Parenthood one. Good ideas, Dave.

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