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Worth 1000's Renaissance Star Wars Contest

Jabba the VIII
Other entries…

5 Responses to “Worth 1000's Renaissance Star Wars Contest”

  1. Blackcloud says:

    The Jabba VIII one is so spot on.

  2. seymourgrant says:

    Is this what Wells means when he talks about Jabbas?

  3. L.B. says:

    No. When Wells talks of Jabbas he’s referring to his apocalyptic self-regard/hatred that threatens to consume all who come near its event horizon.
    It just happens to have the same name as a STAR WARS character.

  4. EthanG says:

    These are a great reminder of what makes Star Wars so unique…unlike the god-AWEFUL commercials for Star Wars: Clone Wars. The spots for that movie…ugh, the animation for Doogal and Hoodwinked looked better.

  5. Blackcloud says:

    Not sure I’ve seen any commercials for Clone Wars. I thought the trailers have looked good, especially the one before Wall*E. But that was in digital.

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A Haunted House 2 is not a movie. It is a nervous breakdown. Directed by Michael Tiddes but largely the handiwork of star, producer, and co-writer Marlon Wayans, the film is being billed as yet another Wayans-ized spoof of the horror movie genre, à la the first Haunted House movie and the wildly successful Scary Movie series. (Keenen Ivory Wayans and his brothers were responsible for the first two Scary Movie films; they have since left that franchise, which may explain why a new one was needed.) And there are some familiar digs at recent horror flicks: This time, the creepy doll and the closet from The Conjuring, the family-murdering demon from Sinister, and the dybbuk box from The Possession all make appearances. But this new film is mostly an excuse for star Marlon Wayans to have extended freak-outs in response to the horrors visited upon him—shrieking, screaming, crying, cowering, and occasionally hate-fucking for minutes on end. Yes, you read that last bit right. A Haunted House 2 puts the satyriasis back in satire.”
Ebiri On A Haunted House 2

“I wanted to make you love a murderer. There’s no way of redeeming him. He’s a drunk and a killer. He killed at least seven people (that we know of). But there were reasons he was a bad guy. He was surrounded by evil in those days. A lot of people were killed building modern Florida—modern everywhere. Watson had plenty of opportunities to see how rough those guys were playing and he thought he could do it too. At least he rationalized it that way. He had the devil beaten out of him and became a very dangerous guy. And he couldn’t handle his liquor, which is one of the worst aspects of him. And he went crazy. Understanding how that happened is useful, I think. There’s no reason any one of us couldn’t be Edgar Watson.”
~ Peter Mathiessen On Writing “Killing Mister Watson”