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Heckuva Town

Good afternoon…
Running around NY has superseded finding a wi-fi signal, but thanks to the iPhone, here are a couple of items…
I was shocked to read a bit of bias spin as a front page story of the NYT today. The game was to position the sexism spin of the Clinton campaign, a rather desperate and vile piece of strategy that The Clintons used to try to w/sp-in the election their way months after having known they could never catch up with Obama short of a collapse or felony by that side. Like so many Clinton games, there seems little interest in the ugly afterbirth of the political spin.
What really struck me about this piece, written by 2 women who had done strong work during the campaign, including a March look at the media pushing back against Obama after SNL making “give Barack a pillow” life as swallowed Clinton spin, was that it played two distinct games. First, it made the media defend itself as though they were the only ones who felt they had been fair. This always makes the side self-defending look bad. And second, they somehow “forgot” the Pew/Harvard study that all put said that the bias was mythology. Instead they found a study by a George Mason professor of unknown methodology or legitmacy. Boo.
Then, the great Manohla, who I do think is great, spent the first graph and a half suggesting that the negative reviews of The Happening were based on predisposition, not the movie.
I, for one, was hoping that this film would be good or great. Yes, there are brickbats a’ready. And some would be unleashed whatever the film was. But the notion that this was a strong performance by Mark Wahlberg, an actor who has become amazngly reliable and likeable, is about as tone-deaf a call as I have heard from this esteemed colleague.
The Happening would be a perfectly fine 30 minute episode. But it is stretched into a terrible film with out and out bad performances from actors as charismatic as Wahlberg, Leguizamo, and Deschanel.
Sad about Tim Russert and amazed it’s been 18 years at Meet The Press. (The same reporter at NYT who co-wrote the Hillary piece this morning contributed to the breaking story and added a shot at Russert as being too outspoken on Hillary. It would be unkind and inaccurate to keep selling that smear as accurately reflective of his history.)
Anyway, I will get to the computer soon. For now, I remain waiting on line for Hamlet in Cental Park. Oh this too, too line-waiting flesh….

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3 Responses to “Heckuva Town”

  1. bmcintire says:

    Wow, Dave. You nailed it on THE HAPPENING. That was one of the most uncomfortable sits I’ve had in a long time. Sadly, there were only a few scattered giggles, but no out-and-out laughs. I am guessing this was because there were so few people in the theater. Apart from the horrible dialogue, questionable casting, lack of any real suspense and (SPOILER, I guess) inclusion of almost every on-screen suicide scene in the trailers, WTF was up with all the close-ups!?!
    As for Manhola Darghis, her best line in the review: “. . .Ms. Deschanel, who looks mighty surprised to be in this movie. . .” I still can’t believe she gave this thing a pass.

  2. Tofu says:

    What the hell was up with the Anti-Society, Anti-Scientific Theory bent to The Happening? Night was aiming to work off some type of global warming / terrorists fears here, and so he attacks… The NorthEast and then France. Is this just about playing to one audience or something else?
    Whalberg playing a science teacher that says “we’ll never know” to his class was the scariest part of the whole movie.

  3. IOIOIOI says:

    Tofu, I would like to think that M. Night is out of his gord. This would explain how he came up with ////// attacking the Northeast, but they just do not attack the Northeast.
    No, these scumbag …… , force everyone to commit suicide in rather graphic in horrific ways. That’s right: THEY FORCE PEOPLE TO OFF THEMSELVES BY RATHER R-RATED WAYS! M. Night was just not happy with a Coke Machine killing kids in Maximum Overdrive. No, this loon, had to have these scumbag ****** FORCE SUICIDE ON PEOPLE!
    These are some serious shemanigans (the next step above shenanigans) on Night’s part. I hope with the Avatar films. He gets his senses about him again, and does not have the fucking AIR KILL PEOPLE IN THAT FILM! BECAUSE NICOLODEON WOULD BE PISSED!

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