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FYI – For Those Interested


63 Responses to “FYI – For Those Interested”

  1. Kristopher Tapley says:


  2. Drew says:

    Congratulations, David.

  3. Lota says:

    did you get hitched Dave? Congrats!

  4. IOIOIOI says:

    Look at Heat all suave with a lady. Let’s give three HUZZAHS in HAPPINESS for Heat. HUZZAH! HUZZAH! HUZZAH!

  5. I’m always the last to know. Seriously, a hearty Mazel-Tov!

  6. messiahcomplexio says:

    congrats Poland.
    Did Wells catch the bouche?

  7. jeffmcm says:

    So that’s what ‘ocupado’ meant.

  8. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    Waterbucket just committed suicide.
    Way to go DP. All the best from the medical staff here at JBD.
    Wife first. Movies second. Hard to believe I know but you’ll get used to it.

  9. Joe Leydon says:

    Well damn, David. Why didn’t you tell us where your china pattern was registered? I might have been able to buy you, oh, I dunno, a cup or something. Congrats.

  10. scooterzz says:

    congrats, indeed…..

  11. mutinyco says:

    Nice yellow Clinton tie.

  12. TheBlings says:

    And all this time I thought Poland was gay. Seriously, this is a shocker.

  13. Tofu says:

    Wow, too cool. This brightens up my own day!

  14. leahnz says:

    aww, love is a many splendored thing. don’t sweat the small stuff and have fun togeher!

  15. Crow T Robot says:

    Mazal Tov, DP!
    She’s a biscuit.
    (Catholics can say “mazel tov,” right?)

  16. Noah says:

    Wow, congratulations David! Now I have to figure out a gift and everything.

  17. NickF says:

    Looks like you deserve some congratulations. 😉

  18. GlueShoeJohnson says:

    Mazel Tov!

  19. waterbucket says:

    Oh no, yet another bear escaped from me. Why D-Po? I’d have given you and your hairiness everything and now you’re stuck to that thing with boobs. Yuck. At least she’s not too unfortunate looking. Congrats…I guess.

  20. Roman says:

    Big Mazel Tov from me too, David :).
    Nice catch.
    Giggity giggity, oh yeah.

  21. Roman says:

    By the way, can we expect, an early Monday morning review of your wedding night ;)?
    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  22. Jeremy Smith says:

    Congrats and happiness all around, DP!

  23. scooterzz says:

    do we actually know he got married?….maybe he adopted….

  24. Wrecktum says:

    She’s hot!

  25. Deepest congrats, Dave!

  26. petehowell says:

    David: You either just got married, or
    you became president of an island kingdom.
    Either way, congrats!

  27. Nicol D says:


  28. RudyV says:

    Ditto on what Wrecktum said. Congrats!

  29. tjfar67 says:


  30. CaptainZahn says:

    I didn’t even know you and Maureen Dowd were dating.

  31. gnosis says:

    Does this mean we can forgive Dave for no post on a major summer BO weekend? Could have gotten married in February…
    Kidding of course, congratulations and from a totally shallow visual perpective – very nice!
    Shw gets my vote as the next subject of Lunch with David.
    Where are you registered – if everybody on the site threw into PayPal, who knows what you could get! Napkin rings, toaster…

  32. yancyskancy says:

    I’m shocked! I always thought Nikki Finke was taller. (I think Dave can take a joke, but if not this will be my last post. It’s been fun!) :)

  33. The Pope says:

    Go n-

  34. T. Holly says:

    And that’s why they call him The Pope? Where’s Stu VanAirsdale when you need him?

  35. djiggs says:

    Congratulations, Dave.
    Your 2nd best decision after hiring Michael Wilmington (Just Kidding!!!)!!!
    May you and your loved one have a blessed life…and maybe the little patter of Poland 2.0 coming soon?

  36. Maskatron says:

    Congrats from a long-time reader and lurker!

  37. mysteryperfecta says:

    Congrats! All the best to you and your bride!

  38. BrandonS says:

    Congratulations! From yet another long-time reader and lurker.

  39. L.B. says:

    Way to go, David. Congratulations to both of you. Stay happy.

  40. frankbooth says:

    Here’s to your fuck!

  41. Chaiyya says:

    ladies man

  42. Dr Wally says:

    Congratulations from another faithful reader.

  43. christian says:

    Well, that’s a sweet sight.

  44. White Label says:

    congratulations, DP. Sneaky how you haven’t mentioned anything about your personal life and it’s successful.

  45. Telemachos says:

    Congrats, Dave! Best wishes to both of you….

  46. jesse says:

    All the best to both of you! Love the tie-dress match. 😉

  47. White Label says:

    and fwiw, I didn’t mean that to sound bitchy. I meant that as:
    You have had a successful personal life, and not mentioned it to us, who are in daily communication with you.

  48. Aladdin Sane says:

    Congratulations Dave!

  49. hcat says:

    VEEEERY interested, you can contact me at

  50. sloanish says:

    How can you come here every day and not say CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  51. anghus says:

    Congrats Dave. May it be long and happy.

  52. LexG says:

    Suave, D-Po! Who knew?

  53. lazarus says:

    I can’t believe you passed up the opportunity to tell D.P. he was totally and legally OWNED, Lex.
    Congrats big guy, after all the death in Hollywood this year it’s nice to read some good news for a change.

  54. frankbooth says:

    Dammit, I should have said what Lex did.
    I will anyway:
    Suave, MAN you’re sauve!

  55. marychan says:

    Congratulations, David!

  56. Cadavra says:

    Mazel Tov from me as well! Cute women who love movies are scarce in these parts!

  57. Martin S says:

    Congrats, David. It will add a whole new perspective to your work.

  58. TVGuy says:

    Well done David! congrats…

  59. T. Holly says:

    Does the bride have a blog?

  60. samguy says:

    “A blessing on your head, mazel tov! mazel tov!”

  61. White Label says:

    T. Holly – I think it’s Laura Rooney who’s co-editor of MCN. For the last few years she’s been highly lauded in DP’s end of year thanks.

  62. David Poland says:

    Thank you all for your kind words.
    My bride is not in the business in any way… and is not too happy with her picture being published. She says her idol is Mrs Letterman, who no one seems to have ever seen or know anything about.
    She is, indeed, a babe and a half. And a genuinely good person. And she indulges me by coming to screenings of the best and the crappiest movies and plays.
    We are very happy and she will be pleased if I never mention her here again. But again, many thanks.

  63. Just got back from an internet free vacation (you all should try it…it’s amazing what really doesn’t happen over the course of a week) and wanted to say CONGRATS, David!! I wish you many years of happiness and marital bliss. Welcome to the club.

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