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The Nikki Finke Effect

I guess we’ve now gotten to the point where Nikki Finke is going to desperately try to spin her gossip blog into a new source. As usual, her spin is self-referential and utterly self-serving. And as it is so often… a load of crap.
At least, partially.
And this is how the truly great liars make their lies seem truthful.
Today, Nikki explains

8 Responses to “The Nikki Finke Effect”

  1. doug r says:

    So…how do you REALLY feel about Nikki?

  2. David Poland says:

    Ay, that’s the rub.
    No matter how many facts you throw, all anyone ever notices is the mud.

  3. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    Who really cares about this petty shit? Finke is a loathsome cunt with a keyboard. We get it. She gets all the heat. You are jealous of it but feel warm by basking in moral high ground.
    DP when I read these Finke slapdowns I imagine a high pitched whine escaping your pursed lips. Be happy that you’re liked and respected in certain circles. If you want to get heat – be Davez Hilton and draw fucking white scribbles on photos of the new hollywood babylonians.

  4. TVJunkie says:

    Well said.

  5. ThatAutGuy says:

    I’ve been reading this blog (and The Hot Button, and everything on the old TNT website…) for years and finally decided to sign up. My main reason: I actually went to Nikki Finke’s blog for the first time two days ago. Long story short, I thought I stumbled onto something straight from “The Onion” at first.
    If I can figure out how truly ridiculous her page is at first glance (and I am far from an industry expert, “casual observer” would describe it best) it puzzles me how anyone could consider anything on Nikki’s page even remotely close to journalism.
    What I’m left wondering: does she actually truly believe that what she does on her blog has any journalistic value? I’d rather go with the idea that she’s trying to play a giant practical joke on everyone she suckers into believing she’s providing “news”…

  6. David Poland says:

    JBD… assign whatever crap you like to me.
    I feel compelled to speak the truth. People know it. People look past it.
    Like you say, if I wanted the kind of heat Nikki gets, I would do some of that dumb shit. Any of the people she mentioned and many others could.
    I know you don’t care about the degrading of this profession… but I do.
    Might I suggest that all you listen for is high pitched whines… prefer them… are amused by them…
    Someone has to say these things. I’ve been doing it for a long time… what respect I have doesn’t come from hiding from real issues… and the destruction of journalistic standards is dead on real. Sorry… but it is.
    If you want to see an important discussion of this, get your hands on Costas Now from HBO, which discusses this all, not just about the web, but about all areas of media… in that case, sports media. Everything said there is true of movie journalism… only there is no Costas.

  7. T. Holly says:

    A sting operation, no Dave? Everyone appreciates your reportage, keep up the good fight, so they and we keep on our toes.

  8. tfresca says:

    I read that blog post that contained the CAA agent’s rant. All I have to add is that like another poster in that comment thread I loved Stardust. Saw it on video and thought it was one of the top movies I saw last year. I’m noticing an increasing trend that these companies couldn’t cut a trailer to save their lives.. Uhh how about telling us what the movie is about and mentioning the elements. I had no desire to see Speedracer but I dare you tell me what it was about from the trailer. Stardust was the same although it was poor casting not to have someone more recognizable as the male lead.

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