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3 Movies Blur Into One

Had it occured to anyone else that Baghead seems to be the comedy version of The Strangers and that both seem to be channeling a less outrageous version of Funny Games?
Or is it just me?

20 Responses to “3 Movies Blur Into One”

  1. Krazy Eyes says:

    I feel like I’ve already seen THE STRANGERS . . . most recently when I rented the French thriller ILS (aka THEM). Bah, I’ll probably wait to catch it on DVD.

  2. There was about a whole year after The Strangers was announced that people thought it was an American remake of Ils. They have the exact same plot setup. However, it appears The Strangers is going for a bit more… not depth, but they seem to be fleshing the characters out a bit more. In Ils it was scary stuff happening to non-existent characters. Still scary though. And at barely 75 minutes, it’s scraping through to feature length.

  3. chris says:

    It’s worth pointing out that “Ils” is the perfect length for what it’s trying to do. And that it’s fantastic.

  4. Uhhh…DP….you should really probably SEE “Baghead” before throwing it into that equation. Clearly, you have not seen the film or it wouldn’t be lumped in there.

  5. SJRubinstein says:

    Was coming in to say the same thing as “don lewis.” Without saying anything more, “Baghead” is not gaming at that particular table.

  6. Armin Tamzarian says:

    The wildposting for STRANGERS seems to be jocking WiP’s campaign for FUNNY GAMES, too.

  7. David Poland says:

    Have seen Baghead, boys… and the marketing IS playing at that particular table.
    None of the actual movies are the same. But two movies about people being terrified by apparent strangers with bags on their heads? Not a coincidence?

  8. SJRubinstein says:

    Ah, had no idea – only saw that wacky “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice” poster for “Baghead.”
    If they are starting to market it as a horror pic, well, “so/sew buttons.”

  9. jeffmcm says:

    I guess they’re aiming at that huge audience of Mumblecore fans who thought The Puffy Chair needed to be more like Last House on the Left.

  10. I too thought you meant the entire film, not the photos/PR…my bad.
    You left THE ORPHANAGE off your bag headed creeps list. Bags on the head are the new CGI beige colored “scary” creatures ala I AM LEGEND and CLOVERFIELD.

  11. Joe Leydon says:

    You want to talk about movies with bag-headed creeps? Hah! This one predates them all (even Friday the 13th, Part 2.

  12. Armin Tamzarian says:

    one more for the bag-headed characters:
    WB’s currently-shelved TRICK ‘R TREAT…

  13. SJRubinstein says:

    Can do you one better, Joe:
    One of my favorite titles of any movie EVER (better yet, a Texas flick).

  14. LexG says:

    “WB’s currently-shelved TRICK ‘R TREAT…”
    PAQUIN ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. jeffmcm says:

    I wish this blog had a ‘no posting with one hand’ rule.

  16. leahnz says:

    keep your grubby little cyber mitts off ‘our anna’, lex

  17. Hahah, “our anna”. You can keep her, New Zealand since we, Australia, stole many others.
    All this brings back memories of Tuckerbag. Those were more innocent times.

  18. leahnz says:

    thieving ozzies! ;D
    if i hear one more debate about who invented pavlova…i might have eat a bit more to sample the item in dispute (i’m a sucker for a good pav, scrummy)…oh man, now i’m cravin some pav after hours! damn
    anyhoo, home is where the heart is
    i’m looking forward to ‘the strangers’, but i suspect it might be more due to my lingering school-girlish crush on ‘ben covington’…i really hope it’s spooky and not ‘slashy’, i’m sick of lame slashers, craving spooky in a big way. i’m so in need of a good scare that i ordered the superb ‘the changeling’ with george c. scott online the other day (it’s not available in stores here), best ghost movie ever… ok, i’m babbling. need food. and beer.

  19. Who didn’t have a thing for Ben? So much better than Noel.
    Wait, I mean… oh, nevermind.
    (Pav is gross)

  20. leahnz says:

    😛 noel, please! not even.
    (more pav for me)

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