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BYOB – Just Another Tuesday

It’s a funny feeling… up 3 touchdowns with 3 minutes to go… or up 6 runs going into the top of the ninth (knowing that if something bad happens, the bottom of the ninth is still there for your team)… and yet, there is always that queasy feeling.
Six weeks of anticipating this third or fourth “opening weekend” in the Democratic primaries… of course, there is way too much emphasis on this one event… unless it pushes one candidate out… which it won’t…. and so, the endlessly asked question of what the numbers will mean in the big picture… to me, it means more negative campaigning by Democrats against one another… no good… this is why so many felt Clinton should have gotten out before PA, not because she should quit, but because exactly what is happening was anticipated… and if she wins by more than 5 points, it will continue, even worse, even if she loses North Carolina by 15 points or more… the Clinton people are already back on the “count Michigan and Florida votes” game after back burnering it for the last few weeks…
Anyway… I look forward to the night being over…. whatever happens… though I worry about early reports of suspiciously broken machines at 7:30 this morning becoming another big story… sigh…
You folks have other stuff on your minds… right?

69 Responses to “BYOB – Just Another Tuesday”

  1. SJRubinstein says:

    Hmm, well, let’s see – caught that Nunn/Bourne “My Fair Lady” over the weekend and though I love the songs, thought the inclusion of Marni Nixon in the cast (as Henry’s mother) was pretty great and felt Lisa O’Hare was lightyears better as Eliza than when I caught her in the OTHER Julie Andrews role of Mary Poppins in London a year and a half ago, I have to say, “My Fair Lady” as a show is getting clunkier.
    Though Nunn has Higgins and Eliza laugh after the final line of “Eliza, where the devil are my slippers?” as if Higgins’ hateful nature towards women is all a big laugh, made right but his sudden realization that he loves Eliza, I had forgotten – only remembering the whimsical songs like “Ordinary Man” and “A Hymn to Him” – just how impossibly, humorlessly vile he is to her throughout the show to the point where I found myself hoping Eliza would pull a Nora Helmer and just walk the hell out on Henry by the end of the show.
    Or perhaps that was just Christopher Cazenove’s reading of the part – making Higgins completely charmless (something Hart/Cukor never let Harrison do), as if the only thing drawing Eliza to him was that she knew how the play contractually with the Lerner & Loewe estate had to end.
    If the songs were any less amazing, I think “My Fair Lady” might be considered more of a relic by now – a comment on sexism that, in fact, feels less knowing and more sexist by the year.
    But, of course, I could be wrong.

  2. IOIOIOI says:

    Heat: it’s over in May. It’s over in May. Once Iron-Man has been around for 4 days. It’s over.

  3. hendhogan says:

    Thus spake, IO

  4. hendhogan says:

    Kneel before IO!

  5. hendhogan says:

    I have not yet begun to fight…
    no wait, that’s Hillary. Sorry.

  6. Rob says:

    So, from all the hullabaloo, I was honestly more Jason Segel nudity in Forgetting Sarah Marshall than there actually was. It’s like four seconds total.

  7. jeffmcm says:

    It’s looking like Clinton will win by more than 10 points, meaning no end in sight.

  8. THX5334 says:

    IO, I’m disappointed…
    I woke up today excited and expecting you to dispense the most excellent smack down you’ve ever composed on your friend LexG for his egregious and erroneous assertions about manhood and animation..
    And you gotta take Lex with a grain of salt. The more I read this guy, the more I’m convinced that he’s just another latch-key kid grown up with no father figure and therefore, his sense of what makes a man stems from bad 80’s postmodern cinema and television…
    Which is a sad common problem among many Americans…
    As for Be a man, embrace your destiny, fuck a model and you are God…
    Not to get too personal, but I have to share just to show you how wrong you are.
    My girlfriend helps to pay our bills modeling…
    The best part? I have no where near a six pack. I’m a good 30lbs. overweight right now, (as I always tend to yo-yo to when writing)
    Do I have money? Nope. I’m broke as a joke.
    But I have a hot model girlfriend who lives with me and is even soldiering to cover the bills “modeling” while I work on my project.
    Does that make me a God? Sweet!
    Then I command some rich venture capaitalist to fund my project;
    and I command Lex to shut the fuck up, watch some “Cowboy Bebop”, and then come back to us and realize he just got a set of testicles….
    Seriously Lex; your Tyler Durden, Bi-Polar, alcohol fueled soap box sermons on what makes a man is so trite, shallow, naive, ignorant and dare I say cliche – that I am starting to think “Either he’s in the closet and in denial; or Virgin”
    My money’s on the latter.
    If that’s the case, seriously bro, let us help you out. Maybe a real sexual release with a real woman will get you to take the finger off that Caps Lock?
    Also, one more thing Lex…
    Women, especially the really hot ones, don’t care about six packs and all that shit the way men do.
    Why? Because a little secret women know, that most men don’t get is that women can get sex ANYWHERE.
    Any woman, any time. Why? Because there is a man somewhere 24/7 that will bang them. You would have to be a woman missing most of your limbs and bald to not be able to get a man.
    When women know this and realize they can get sex anywhere and from anyone, it’s not the same priority as it is for a man.
    What they care about more, is a man’s mental, emotional and spiritual energy. And when a guy flows that right he can get anyone.
    Don’t believe me? Ask Biggie Smalls before he died how much ass he got.
    It’s all about the mental, emotional and spiritual.
    And while I’m sure you think this place is just populated with film geeks and critics…Um, no..
    You should know..
    There are some real working female models that read this blog on a regular basis. I know, I’ve met them and talked to them, and we have commiserated about coming here to the Red & White..
    And everytime you say, “Only way to be a man is to Fuck a model” they read that, and you make sure you take your self one step farther away from making that a reality for your self….
    But, you already believe you’re a failure, so I’m sure this is all par for the course.
    But just because that’s your belief system about yourself; it’s not everyone else’s about you or themselves, nor does it mean you should spew your “failure” negativity here, just to make yourself feel better.
    You’re cool when you talk about film, you’re obviously smart, I even venture I’d have fun hanging out with you in the real world..
    But man, when you do this shit…you’re just shooting yourself in the leg with the models and the other girls that come here…
    And with all that being said…
    Go Indy!!

  9. lazarus says:

    Well said, THX. Unfortunately, by only capitalizing the word “ANYWHERE” you’ve made it a long shot that Mr. Roid Rage is going to actually make it through that whole post.
    I love Fight Club, too. The difference is that I know it’s not meant to be taken seriously.
    And before he comes in here and comments on this thread, I’ll save him the trouble:
    “Come on, Poland! You can’t post a picture of a tiny little SAUSAGE like that on your blog! Where’s the fucking MEAT?? HOTTIES don’t want a stumpy like that, they want a fucking BABYARM. Even good girls like Amy Adams ain’t down with ze peegs in blanket. Stop waffling and bring out the real goods! EXTRA SYRUP, BITCHES!!!”

  10. LexG says:

    What is THX on about today?
    Anyway, on any other day I’d probably own both of your asses for that wack bullshit, but I’m in a festive mood today and cannot wait to hit The Buy on the way home, because the new ASHLEE SIMPSON RECORD ****DROPS**** today.
    I will be singing along into my hairbrush before the night is through. I hope the liner notes are extra sexy!

  11. jeffmcm says:

    Ugh, stop being lame.

  12. IOIOIOI says:

    Jeff; it looks like four now. Once again… listen to Chuck Todd. He understands the numbers and the numbers do not lie. Half of the delegates are out of Pittsburgh and Philly. If he can keep it even, then she only wins 2 delegates. Once again… it is over in May. It’s over. She can keep on fighting, but she needs to take her ass home after the Sixth.

  13. mutinyco says:

    Either eat the waffle or don’t eat the waffle. Just stop waffling.

  14. Chucky in Jersey says:

    Some people in Pennsylvania are not happy today. It seems an advertising sticker covered Hillary’s face on the front page of the morning paper.

  15. IOIOIOI says:

    Too close to call. May 6th. FIRST COMES IRON-MAN, NEXT COMES AN OVER-DUE DEFEAT, THEN COMES SPEED! HOOAH! Jeff; I am starting to feel that Lex and I may have a Tyler Durden thing going on. The appreciation for Ashlee Simpson pop music… distresses me… dearly.

  16. jeffmcm says:

    “Jeff; it looks like four now.”
    Where’s that from? And who’s Chuck Todd?

  17. IOIOIOI says:

    Four was a poll I ran across, and Chuck Todd is the political director of MSNBC. He’s been pretty much spot-on with the numbers of this primary season from the go get. So he’s worth checking out. If you can stop watching CNN.
    This result is pretty damn interesting. She’s broke. She’s painted into corner. While she has to keep fighting. She has a tough road ahead. So… really… she’s had her clock rocked. If she keeps on going. May 6th will be trippy.

  18. jeffmcm says:

    The range I’ve seen is 4 to 12, and that’s not taking into account the late-deciders who have tended to lean towards Hillary, as in Ohio for example.

  19. IOIOIOI says:

    The late-deciders… we know what type of people they are and there’s no reason to really discuss them, but I really have no patience for that lot. Nevertheless; I could care less if she won tonight. She’s over in two weeks. It’s over. It’s Rocky Balboa all over again.

  20. Wait, it’s not MANLY to like animation, but it is MANLY to like Ashlee Simpson. Jesus Christ, Dave Poland, I know you’re not down with banning people but what proof do you need that this guy is a troll whose sole purpose is to annoy the readers here.

  21. IOIOIOI says:

    Camel: is it okay for me to love animation and enjoy the pop silliness of Ashlee Simpson? 😀

  22. LexG says:

    Gee, Kami-boring, for someone who can’t stand me, you sure like MAKING EVERY BLOG ENTRY ABOUT ME, when people were discussing movies and politics and stuff.
    Kami, beneath your exhuberant show of good cheer, you’re a mean, petty, bitchy, rude person. What do you care what my M.O. is, anyway? Who are you, the fucking MP of the DP’s HB?
    But fact is, I post from the heart every time, and if it works somebody up who pathologically can’t seem to handle conflict or unpleasantness and thus hides behind a faux-fun exterior (ie, er, you and others), that’s fine by me. Conflict RULES. Hostility RULES. Profanity RULES.
    So does Ashlee. What, Poland should foresake his no-ban stance because a regular poster likes Ashlee Simpson music? That’s grounds for banning? SHEEEEIT, they wouldn’t even break those out on my PANTERA BOARDS.
    Or maybe I missed the great Stacey Orrico Exodus from the Hot Blog of 2003.

  23. IOIOIOI says:

    Lex: they have called on me to be banned countless times. So welcome to the club. Also; you need to realize that the whole from “the heart thing” really does not move people on blogs or forums. I have no idea why — maybe it’s the whole cynical, sarcastic, and overly critical part of all of this — but motherfuckers would rather have you be a completely phoney than yourself.

  24. doug r says:

    I guess you don’t like animation ’cause it isn’t done live…

  25. Joe Leydon says:

    Looks like eight percent, folks.

  26. IOIOIOI says:

    2 weeks. 2 weeks. 2 weeks.

  27. waterbucket says:

    Ok, who bought the new Ashlee Simpson new today?

  28. IOIOIOI says:

    I will buy it at some point this week. I am a sucker for freakin pop music. Blame Debbie Harry, Juice Newton, and freakin Bonnie Tyler.

  29. lazarus says:

    My leaked Madonna beats your new Ashlee.

  30. Santogold beats Madonna and Ashlee Simpson combined. Seriously, her album is pure genius. Hard Candy is alright though, but a definite stepdown from one of the finest runs of albums you’ll ever hear – Ray of Light, Music, American Life and Confessions on a Dance Floor. A bunch of skippable songs, one for the all time Madonna cannon (“Miles Away”) and a bunch of “pretty good” tracks.
    Still, Santogold! Get it! Love it! Live it!
    IO, yes it is. :) although I’ve heard her album is crap. I love “Outta My Head” though.
    Lex, I care about your MO because I have to endure it And if the shit you regurgitate on this board comes “from the heart” then I’m glad there’s an entire ocean between us.
    This isn’t the sort of place to be deliberately unpleasant and hostile just for the sake of it. What do you gain out of acting like an idiot on every entry? You have even stated yourself that it’s all an act so why, when people have clearly grown sick of it, do you continue to act that way. I’ve seen you when you’re, er, subdued and actually acting like a normal human being. I liked it. I would like to engage in a proper conversation with you. It was nice to see you talking affectionately about Orion releases recently, but sadly that’s the only time I can recall such an event. It’s not nice to hear you be a sexist pig talking about fucking models and telling us to be men or whatever.
    And clearly I’m not hiding behind a “faux-fun exterior” or whatever. I’m CALLING YOU OUT!!! That RULES.

  31. Jerry Colvin says:

    Ebert just announced his doctors won’t let him go to Ebertfest after all. Sad. Guess I’ll have to settle for Poland, ha. Hope it’s worth the four hour drive…

  32. lazarus says:

    Kamikaze, I wouldn’t call American Life part of a great run. While I’ll stop short of saying it sucks, it’s far from consistent and has its share of clunkers, starting right from the title track with that godawful rap. Confessions was a much more consistent album, but not nearly as deep or inventive as Ray of Light and Music. Hell, reverse that run from Music back to the underrated Bedtime Stories and Erotica and maybe you’re onto something.
    I don’t know how many times you’ve heard Hard Candy (didn’t the full leak just hit a couple days ago?), but you’re being rather harsh. I would definitely put it above American Life, and while it’s not as instantly catchy as Confessions, I think there’s more to it. Give it to Me is up there with anything recent classic, the last two are great, and I’m digging Beat Goes On and Dance 2nite as well.

  33. THX5334 says:

    You guys are all late. If you want good Pop, listen to MIA…

  34. For me American Life is her second strongest record. No joke. I think it’s sort of brilliant that she’s simultaneously putting forth some of her most soul-baring material while also putting forth some of the downright harshest and brutal tunes of her career. The production by Mirwais is utterly deranged and dark and so not what anybody in the mainstream has done. And then if you really look at tracks like “Nothing Fails” with it’s beautiful choir and “Easy Ride” you see it’s also beautiful.
    I’m a defender of the song “American Life” though. Those beats are epic (as they are on “Die Another Day”) and I find it unbelievable that rational smart people can’t see that the rap is a complete and utter pisstake.
    I’d direct you to my blog (clicky on my name) for bigger posts about the song and other Madonna stuff (I’m counting down to the official release of Hard Candy although I’ve listened to it about five times already in full.)
    My problem with tracks like “Irresistible” and “She’s Not Me” is that there are three minutes of brilliant balls out awesomness in them, yet there’s also three minutes of blahness at the start. Why are they each over six minutes long?!
    “Miles Away”, “The Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You”, “Spanish Lessons”, “4 Minutes” and “Give It 2 Me” are the major standouts at this stage. Although, as always with Madonna, it’s impossible to fully get a guage on a new album so quickly after hearing it. American Life wasn’t at the top of my list when I first heard it, but it has since become my #2 Madonna record after Like a Prayer, slimly followed by Ray of Light.

  35. THX, duh. Kala was my #1 album of 2007. The Santogold album I mentioned is very MIA, actually, she even produces a few tracks if I’m not mistaken.

  36. Aris P says:

    Getting INSIDE (dimension Extreme) tomorrow on Netflix.
    I used to read fangoria, and was into horror growing up (Argento, TCM when i was 12 etc), but as i’m 35 now, i havent been into horror for a while. I’ve heard this film is the most horrifying thing ever — has anyone seen it? Is it gross-out, or genuinely disturbing? These things didnt bother me when i was 15, but now, i’m not sure. I’m curious, in an almost self-experimental way.
    Anyone? Reactions to this movie?

  37. LexG says:

    Madonna’s DIE ANOTHER DAY fucking OWNS ALL.
    But I can’t believe anyone would rank that weak RAP shit highly at all.
    It’s all about OH FATHER and LIVE TO TELL, the two greatest MADONNA SONGS EVER. Especially since one of them was on AT CLOSE RANGE, Lex’s MOST UNDERRATED MOVIE OF ALL TIME, which makes him cry like a bitch and is perfect in almost every way.
    Madonnownage =
    That’s what it’s all about.
    For the record, SWEPT AWAY is extremely underrated.

  38. LexG says:

    Oh, and, uh (ownage time, get ready)….

  39. jeffmcm says:

    So it ended up being, approximately:
    Clinton 54.7%
    Obama 45.3%
    9.4% difference, but that only translates into +6 delegates for Hillary.
    My newest theory about Lex that doesn’t take into account the wild mood swings is that of a masturbating exhibitionist: if his antics can be witnessed and get a reaction out of people, great! But even without an audience he still gets a nice release out of it, which is why I don’t think the standard ‘just ignore him’ policy really has any effectiveness.

  40. themutilator says:

    Ive been a life long horror fan…at 36 I still buy Fangoria and Rue Morgue, travel to horror film fests, attend conventions…Ive seen everything.
    After seeing “Inside” at the TIFF last year, it vaulted to the top of my list of fave horror movies. Its absolutely incredible…the violence, oh, the violence. It really is a masterpiece of terror (my opinion only).

  41. Beware though that the Weinstein’s cut Inside by roughly 7 minutes. Although that’s the R-rated version, I’m not sure if there’s a longer Unrated version floating around.
    For once Lex and I agree on something. “Oh Father” is, after “Vogue”, Madonna’s best song. An absolute stunner. It is particularly close to my heart especially for reasons too close to me to get into on a blog like this.

  42. Nicol D says:

    When I graduated from university and had my first job one of my favorite meals after a long day at work was Eggo waffles and bacon with extra syrup and a big hunk of really old cheddar cheese dipped in ketchup on the side.
    That’s exactly what your meal was missing, Dave.

  43. Nicol D says:

    From the Globe and Mail:
    “”Lee captivated his audience with his friendly, unassuming demeanour.
    His next movie, he disclosed, is “a comedy about the sixties,” but he would also love to make a film one day in Vancouver.
    “I think this is the most beautiful city in the world …. I hope it’s a hockey movie. I want to make a movie where Canadians win, not always Americans,” said Lee, who became a fan of the Calgary Flames during the filming of Brokeback Mountain.”
    Lee musn’t be the brightest bulb in the planet. It is exactly a mainstream film about hockey in Canada that would – never – be financed now with the extremist PC types at the helm.
    What saddens me are the voices that someone like Lee does not realize are genuinely hurt by the industry in Canada as it is now. Not every filmmaker agrees with the wealthy Sarah Polley. But those voices do not get heard amongst the chattering classes that currently censor diverse ideas and co-opt government funding.
    If Lee really was concerned about censorship in Canada perhaps he should google the names Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant.

  44. Stella's Boy says:

    Why wouldn’t a mainstream film about hockey get funded in Canada?

  45. Aris P says:

    An amazing film about Rocket Richard, called “Rocket” I believe, was made a few years back. Granted it was about him, and Montreal in the 50s, but it was an excellent film. I am a Canuck, myself, and i must say a film about hockey doesn’t interest me in the least. Then again, i’ve probably been in LA too long.
    Also, who is Lee exactly?

  46. Nicol D says:

    I should clarify. A mainstream film about hockey would – never – get funded by English Canadian film agencies. The Quebec industry, which is where the film Rocket was produced is very different and open to mainstream ideas.

  47. Stella's Boy says:

    Why though Nicol? I know little about the Canadian film industry other than who some of the major players are (Egoyan, Polley).

  48. Nicol D says:

    You know Stella, I beleive your question is sincere…but the answer is long and complex and I have no way of convincing you over an email.
    The short end is the key-word “mainstream”. In the English Canadian film industry that is seen as synonymous with capitalist, Hollywood sell-out. That is part of the reason why so few Canadians actually see Canadian films.
    Put another way…when Don McKellar was asked in a Canadian film magazine a few years back why Canadian filmmakers did not make more mainstream films his response was that they did not want to make lowest common denominator films that Americans like. When asked for an example he used Lord of the Rings.
    It’s much more complicated than that…but perhaps the best answer I can give in this forum. There is no policy against mainstream films, but the core people who control the funding agencies will not let this happen. The legislation is question is a way to remedy this and let the money get spread around more equally to projects English Canadians might actually pay to see. That is why they are crying censorship…when it is actually an attempt to level the playing field.

  49. Stella's Boy says:

    It was a sincere question. So are there many Canadian filmmakers actively seeking to make what would be considered mainstream films?

  50. Nicol D says:

    I believe you were being sincere. No worries.
    Yes, there is a growing movement of younger filmmakers who do want to make more mainstream films. There are many great stories in Canadian history that we have never seen on film that people would love. Sports stories, true mysteries etc.
    For example…imagine if you looked back at American film history and there were virtual no films made (if any at all) about football, baseball, WWII, Vietman etc. No Field of Dreams, no Knute Rockne, no Apocalypse Now etc. What if everything was just Todd Solondz and Allison Anders?
    That is the sad state of Canadian Film and why more young filmmakers are upset.
    In America, George Clooney knows that for every political film he makes he still has to make an audience film. In Canada there is no such system. Those who get government money keep getting it and never have to do anything even remotely mainstream.
    Now, with a generation of young people weened on American film, they are demanding some change and the old guard (Polley may be young but she is pure old guard) do not like it.
    This is also not a right-left thing. People do not want “right wing” films. Just films about Canadian culture they can enjoy like most every culture does.
    Hell, I would even take a Canadian Michael Moore who at least tries to make you laugh. We do not even have that.

  51. Well, there were a few mainstream endeavors that failed a while back which is the reason mainstream films don’t get made. Remember Foolproof with Ryan Reynolds? Or Intern Academy, which was directed by Dave Thomas? There was also Paul Gross’ Men With Brooms and Going The Distance. Even The Rocket and Bon Cop Bad Cop failed in English Canada after succeeding in French Canada. English Canadians don’t want to see Canadian movies, whether they be mainstream or not. I think your assumptions are a little off-track here, Nicol.

  52. jeffmcm says:

    Nicol, it sounds like part of the problem that you’re talking about without really addressing is that there’s a perfectly good Canadian film industry as far as production goes in Toronto and Vancouver, it just happens that they primarily work on American-conceived films. I have a friend who worked on one last year, a horror movie of no particular cultural distinction; next door, they were shooting Hulk 2. Very few countries on Earth actually have film industries that represent their specific homegrown cultures and in Canada, I would suggest that proximity to Hollywood has made them define the Film Board’s activities in terms of only making ‘indie’, anti-Hollywood movies, for better or worse.
    Also, what does Sarah Polley’s bank account have to do with this?

  53. DaveVanH says:

    I have to agree with Bartholomew here. Canadians never want to watch Canadian films. You can add films like Breakfast with Scot and Shake Hands with the Devil to his list of more mainstream Canadian films that were non-starters commercially. The previews for Paul Gross’s new film, Passchendale (about WWI) has been greeted with laughes every time I’ve seen it.

  54. Nicol D says:

    Bon Cop and Men with Brooms were both hits in English Canada. Foolproof was a bad film that was released at the same time as Kill Bill on a very crowded weekend.
    As for as Intern Academy (never had a theatrical release, what is it?) and Going the Distance…what is that the Avril Lavigne flick? So then should Hollywood have stopped making sci fi films after the failure of Battle Beyond the Stars and The Last Starfighter? That is a sorry, sad argument.
    It’s not like the “art films” we get are doing any better. Most are also crap that play for one week at the Carleton. It’s not like people were clamouring for Monkey Warfare and Waydowntown.
    “…that there’s a perfectly good Canadian film industry as far as production goes in Toronto and Vancouver, it just happens that they primarily work on American-conceived films.”
    The system as it is means fewer jobs because fewer films get produced and you are always at the whim of the American industry. When X-2 decided to not shoot in TO it sent ripples of unemployment and panic through the industry. It is not perfectly good and you have no idea what you are talking about. I know plenty of craftspeople who hate always competing for a few key American jobs and then worry when things go on a downturn.
    “Very few countries on Earth actually have film industries that represent their specific homegrown cultures…”
    Like what…Britain, France, India, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Italy, Spain, Mexico, America…
    Methinks you do not really know what you are talking about here, Jeff. (2 for 2…let see if Jeff can make the hat-trick).
    “…I would suggest that proximity to Hollywood has made them define the Film Board’s activities in terms of only making ‘indie’, anti-Hollywood movies, for better or worse.”
    Actually no again. That’s three for three, eh? The film boards explict mandate is to try to make films that Canadians want to see. They do not do that.
    Again Polley can make any film she wants…but if she wants to see Bedwetter Part 2: This Time It’s Really Messy …she should find private cash.
    “Also, what does Sarah Polley’s bank account have to do with this?”
    Should Wal-Mart and McDonald’s with peak year end sales get corporate welfare?
    Jeff, I know you go against me on principle and if I was a fan of the system you would say it should be destroyed…but you really have no idea what you are talking about here.
    This is not your battle to fight. Neither is it Ang Lee’s. He should have know better and did some research before he ignorantly opened his mouth.

  55. Nicol D says:

    Dave Van,
    Uhhh….Breakfast with Scot is exactly what is -wrong- with Canadian attempts at mainstream.
    It’s Christmas season. Your shopping with your family and kids.
    You can see Alvin…
    I Am Legend…
    National Treasure 2
    or the Canadian Hollwood entry for the holidays, Breakfast with Scot: about a “mincing prancing swishing sissy of a gay 12 year old boy who gets adopted by a straight gay couple who work for the Toronto Maple Leafs. ”
    I put that in quotes because that is almost verbatim the description on the video box cover.
    What do you take the kids to before your turkey dinner?
    And I would hardly call Shake Hands with the Devil mainstream. Let’s like calling Hotel Rwanda light family fare.

  56. jeffmcm says:

    Well, Nicol, you’re three for three on misinterpreting everything I said. Obviously I don’t think there’s any point in trying to continue the discussion, so better luck next time.

  57. jeffmcm says:

    Good work with the gay-baiting, though. And yes, if the option was National Treasure 2 or Breakfast with Scot, I would not take my kid to National Treasure 2 (moot cuz I don’t have kids and probably never will).

  58. DaveVanH says:

    I’m sorry, I didn’t think that mainstream meant “light family fare”. I’m probably not taking my kids to see I Am Legend either, since it’s hardly light family fare.
    Your argument was that all Canadian films are like “Todd Solondz and Allison Anders”, something I think we can agree Breakfast with Scot certainly was not. Doesn’t mean it was good (it wasn’t), but it was certainly trying to be more “mainstream”.
    And if you don’t think Shake Hands with the Devil, with a Canadian star, based on a best selling book is not mainstream, than I don’t know what to say.

  59. christian says:

    Ashlee Simpson? Wha’ da fuck?
    That pop dink who had to lip sync on Saturday Night LIVE? Don’t compare this plastic pop tart to Deborah Harry, who was snorting blow off Lou Reed’s needles in CBGB’s bathroom and getting her album covers banned becaise of H.R. Giger. And she had a point of view, not a cell phone sponsorship.
    Ashlee Simpson? No wonder this country is screwed.

  60. scooterzz says:

    re: ‘breakfast with scot’….what exactly is a ‘straight gay couple’ and why are the toronto maple leafs involved?…..

  61. IOIOIOI says:

    Christian: you need to get a handle on your life. I blame Debbie Harry, Madonna, and countless other female artist for making me such a fan of silly (and/or proper) female pop music. I do have limits, but Ashlee is ripping off Gwen to some decent effect. So excuse a brother for enjoyin some silly female pop music. You dastardly devil.

  62. jeffmcm says:

    Truly, though, are there any among us who do not need to get a handle on our lives?

  63. IOIOIOI says:

    Jeff: I would hope not. You do because you watch CNN, have not basked in the light that is CHUCK TODD, and have no idea who says “get a handle on your life”. You sir… make me… I cannot type anymore.

  64. jeffmcm says:

    Sounds good to me.

  65. Canada’s film industry sounds identical to Australias. We’re making “mainstream” films, but nobody wants to see them. And then when we make arthouse type stuff they get labelled as “out of touch”. Even more Hollywoodised “Australian” stuff – like the recent Gillian Armstrong flick Death Defying Acts – have been met with yawns.
    Although occasionally a Lantana or a Look Both Ways or a Ten Canoes comes along and blows everybody away.

  66. Bon Cop was not a hit in English Canada, it made something like 80% of its gross in Quebec, which is only a third of the population.
    If Men With Brooms was a hit, Passchendale would not have taken 7 years to get financing, and almost nobody I know that isn’t involved with films knows about it.
    Going The Distance and Intern Academy were both mainstream comedies that were released nationwide that you probably don’t remember because nobody cared.
    Comparing Canadian mainstream films to science fiction films is just stupid because there are plenty of examples of successful Hollywood science fiction films and very few examples of successful Canadian mainstream films in recent memory.
    Also, in regards to Shake Hands With The Devil, the definition of a “Canadian star” is vague and most Canadians don’t the name Roy Dupuis, even if they recognize his face.
    I did decline to mention Trailer Park Boys, which was successful, but that was based on a popular TV show. And unlike most Canadian attempts at mainstream filmmaking, it was actually good.

  67. IOIOIOI says:

    Jeff: you and your dastardly sly humour.

  68. Men with Brooms was awful. (just throwing that out there)

  69. DaveVanH says:

    I’ll agree that many Canadians probably don’t know the name Roy Dupuis, but how many other stars that work pretty much exclusively in Canada can claim to be bigger than he is? That’s one of the problems, people want to see movies with people they know in them, and unless a Canadian movie draws a star that people know from American films, they won’t go.
    Since you mentioned Trailer Park Boys, I’ll say that a Corner Gas feature would be even bigger in Canada (not that it will happen).

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