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By David Poland

Did This Sound Familiar To You?

There Will Be McCain?

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13 Responses to “Did This Sound Familiar To You?”

  1. Tofu says:

    Oh God, he even threw in the ‘my friends’ bit.

  2. IOIOIOI says:

    The Third Term is like a fifth or sixth generation soldier/sailor. He has been bred to breathe and spit “WAR”. This cannot be a good thing for this country. Especially at the moment a Brit newspaper is declaring the US to be in the middle of another GREAT DEPRESSION. Freakin Howard Stern was right about Dubya, but no one listened. No one every pays attention to the guy who talks about sexual arousal honestly. What a shame.

  3. jeffmcm says:

    We clearly are not in the middle of another Great Depression. That’s total nonsense. In 1931, unemployment was up to and beyond 20%. In January of this year it was 4.9%.

  4. IOIOIOI says:

    I am just making a general point jeff, that now may not the time for a president with a fixation about war. I will also state that declaring a depression in this country is a bit rash, but we are facing the richer getting richer. While the poorer are getting poorer on a rather grand scale. This does not exactly make the rest of the world overjoyed with our economic situation.

  5. jeffmcm says:

    No, I want either Clinton or Obama to be elected over McCain as well. However, no matter who it is, just getting rid of Bush makes us better off no matter what.

  6. leahnz says:

    speaking of mccain, i saw a soundbite earlier of one of his speeches and i swear, if you look real close, you can see the grim reaper lurking in the background, mccain’s that geriatric.
    do you really think america would vote for such an old geezer as president, when traditionally looks and vigour have played a fair part in who’s elected? i can’t picture it somehow

  7. hcat says:

    when the white house phone rings at 3 am dont you want it answered by a well rested president that went to sleep at 530 pm after an early bird at Denny’s

  8. Cadavra says:

    No, I want it answered by someone’ll who’ll say, “This better be fuckin’ important or I’ll be puttin’ your sorry white ass at the bottom of the fuckin’ Potomac!”
    Come to think of it, that could be Hillary as well.

  9. christian says:

    “Freakin Howard Stern was right about Dubya, but no one listened.”
    Stern was one of Dubya’s biggest fans after 9/11. He called anybody against the Iraq War a traitor. Stern was wrong about Bush at the wrong time. Now he knows better but I stopped listening to his show during that time.

  10. Cadavra says:

    Isn’t it interesting how Stern has completely vanished from the national dialogue since moving to satellite radio? The proof of this came during the Don Imus flap; not a quote from ol’ Howie anywhere, even though they’ve been feuding since the early ’80s. He has his money and his supermodel girlfriend, but does that really make up for what he lost in “relevance?”

  11. IOIOIOI says:

    Christian; he did what many people did during that time… believe in his president not selling us all down the river. If you remember: this attitude presisted through out this country after 9/11. This is why we were so easy to lie to… we would believe anything. Nevertheless; he stated back in 2000 that Bush would do to this country what he did to every freakin business the guy ever ran and guess what… HE HAS!
    Cadavra; Howard had quotes all over the place especially in the New York papers, that still listen to him on a daily basis. Let us not forget that when he does a celebrity interview. Howard pretty much provides a countless quotes and what not for stories in the tabloids. That’s a national presence. Hell son; he’s about to have just as many listeners as he did back in the good ol’days. Which will only increase his stature across this land.

  12. Cadavra says:

    I’m not sure the tabloids are sufficient to qualify as a “national” presence. I can’t remember the last time I saw him mentioned even in Entertainment Weekly or TV Guide. I don’t dispute that people are still listening to him, but it seems to be more like some sort of secret society. And what about all those movies he was going to produce, including a remake of PORKY’S? Heard anything about that lately? I sure haven’t.

  13. Blackcloud says:

    It seems like Stern pretty much fell off the radar after his divorce. His move to satellite was the first time in ages he was news. Since then, again, nothing.

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