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If the Teamsters are really going to honor WGA picket lines, as per this Variety story, the horror show strike will not happen. There may be weeks of negotiations to come, but the entire dynamic changes.
But here is my question… when has this ever actually happened when SAG wasn’t the striking union?
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6 Responses to “Yes”

  1. IOIOIOI says:

    Well… get ready for some negotiations everybody. This should hopefully be wrapped up by Xmas for all of the UNIONS. If not… the AMTMP (or whatever) are freakin nuts. Pay the peeps, bring them under the tent, and everything should work out fine. Until some time in 2013; someone creates something that changes the dynamic all over again, then get ready for more shenanigans.

  2. waterbucket says:

    I don’t know anything about the strike business but if this is going to hurt my favorite TV shows (Daisies, Big Bang, Cinemax softporn, etc), I’m going to be mad. But then maybe shows like Heroes need the writers to be on strike so that the show will improve with non-union writers. This season sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. MASON says:

    Hopefully this leads to a deal. It can’t hurt.
    Anyone read Patrick Goldstein’s article today? Let me summarize: writers are crazy and irrational. The end. More objective coverage from the LA Times.

  4. movielocke says:

    LA Times? I only check it on wednesday to see if Viterba has posted a review of Osteria Mozza or not. I’m curious if it’ll be the first restaurant in LA she rates four stars or if it’ll only be 3.5 star place.

  5. IOIOIOI says:

    Water; youy dont even know what this season of HEROES is about. When you do. You will most likely have your mind… blown.

  6. jeffmcm says:

    Are you you saying that you know this secret? Because this season is pretty lame so far – they’re just moving the pieces aimlessly around the board and repeating things they already did last season (like having Peter be confused and frustrated by his powers).

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