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BYOB – Oct 14

Another travelling day…

21 Responses to “BYOB – Oct 14”

  1. IOIOIOI says:

    Did you know that this weekend is SAW WEEKEND? Seriously… the radio ads for this flick never cease to crack me up. If only this flick could be guaranteed to not make close to 40 million this weekend, that would be something.

  2. doug r says:

    I am getting royally SICK of all the “evil genius” pictures where the bad guy is so much smarter. Except Dexter, who seems to have some redeemable qualities.
    Loved the opening of 28 Weeks Later-movie kind of lost momentum after that, though.

  3. cobhome says:

    SWeeney Todd screening last night – reports sound very good – seems the can he sing question is answered – yes and it is being described by those who saw it as a “musical-horror-comedy” film –

  4. waterbucket says:

    Speaking of musical-horror-comedy, check out the trailer to “Repo! The Genetic Opera” starring Razzie winner Paris Hilton. Warning though, the trailer may make you homicidal.

  5. L.B. says:

    When will we see the Congressional bill that designates Twisted Pictures as an officially recognized terrorist organization.

  6. Spacesheik says:

    I bought my first Blu-ray flick (FF2) and used the PS3 (hooked up to a Samsung 1080p monitor) – man it looked amazing, I mean we’re talking 3-D beautiful. You can definintely see the difference between Blu-Ray and DVD – if you have a 1080p monitor.
    So far I have refused to buy any Blu-Ray flicks simply because I didn’t think the difference in quality merited the upgrade, plus I don’t like using a PS3 for movies, but that copy made me seriously rethink what format I’m going to buy flicks in the future.
    If only they could produce decent quality Blurays at reasonable prices, this format would seriously take off.

  7. jeffmcm says:

    So I don’t expect there to be many fans here, but – are the kids really into the super-theatrical goth heavy metal rock operas these days? And if so, why isn’t KISS more at the forefront?
    Seriously though, that trailer makes me want to find a way to make my head explode. However, Paris was supposed to be very nice to work with.

  8. IOIOIOI says:

    Unfortunately; Twisted Pictures were not found to be terrorist although their films do terrorize people. Arlan Spector — wearing a SAWIV hat — stated that; “Who cares if their film terrorize people? I am a big JIGSAW fan. Some of my collegues are JIGSAW fans. We are also a fan of the movie Phone Booth that SAW completely ripped off in terms, but that’s besides the point. SAWIV rules. Suck it bitches.” With that… Spector left the microphone, threw up a gang sign, and stumbled away trying to walk and grab his balls at the same time.

  9. sloanish says:

    How is Rendition so bad? Production values are good, it has a great ensemble, and yet it’s a trainwreck. Either everyone mis-read the weak script or Gavin Hood has no clothes.

  10. jeffmcm says:

    I havent’ seen Rendition yet but I could definitely see your last theory being correct based on Tsotsi.

  11. IOIOIOI says:

    Rendition simply looks hokey. Most of these WAR movies look or are HOKEY. Hopefully someone will get one right one of these days. If not… here’s to more crappy war movies to add to the collection of crappy movies about the Revolution, the war of 1812, the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

  12. sloanish says:

    Funny, I assumed Tsotsi was good. Thanks for saving me the 2 hours.

  13. doug r says:

    So where does Rendition fail? From what I’ve heard of the Arar case, it could make an excellent picture in the right hands.

  14. Aris P says:

    Re: Rendition.
    a) I don’t think people really want to see movies based on our current issues about Iraq, terrorism, war policies, etc etc. Especially if it’s not an action picture.
    b) Maybe I’m cynical (“maybe”…) but seeing Witherspoon scream “WHERE’S MY HUSBAND?!!?”, or whatever the hell she says at the end of the trailer, made me want to hurl something at the screen. I don’t buy her, and no one else will in such an eye-rolling, overly-dramatic role.
    I think people underestimate SUBJECT MATTER. Sure Reese can draw decent numbers for some films (biopic about a legend, or rom-coms), but in this role… shudder…
    Speaking of shuddering, how will Lions For Lambs open? DOA is my bet.

  15. jeffmcm says:

    Sloanish, don’t just go by my word – a lot of people seem to like Tsotsi. But I thought it was overly sentimental and sappy.
    “I don’t think people really want to see movies based on our current issues about Iraq, terrorism, war policies, etc etc. Especially if it’s not an action picture.”
    They don’t want to see them even if they are an action picture (The Kingdom).

  16. jeff….that one HORRIBLE goth art rock band is quite big….I’m sure I’ll remember the name when I try to fall asleep. They’re basically Queen in goth garb…except they suck.

  17. The Carpetmuncher says:

    Aris P, I’m with you on all that.
    Except Lions for Lambs. As little as I want to see it, I have trouble believing a movie with Cruise, Streep & Redford isn’t going to draw a certain older audience to the theater. It might not open to meet expectations, which have got to be huge, but I can still see it doing $14-15 mil and then having ok legs.
    I cannot see it bombing like Rendition. But as you point out, it doesn’t have Reese Witherspoon doing that awful “Give me back my son” routine – ugh.
    Before the Devil Knows Your Dead opens this weekend. That’s the ticket to buy. It ain’t likely to break any box office records, but the smart money pays to see that one.

  18. Aris P says:

    I saw Devil Knows Your Dead a few weeks ago, and it’s fantastic. It’s definitely one of this year’s top 5 for me. Do yourselves a favor.
    On another note, Deer Hunter is on right now, and I just watched the first hour, for the umpteenth time. What a BRILLIANT portrayal of love, friendship, community and impending loss. And it all takes place in basically four scenes. What director, let alone studio, can ever make a film like this again? I can’t recall when I’ve ever seen a group of actors act so lovingly and convincingly as friends, on screen.

  19. sloanish says:

    That Reese scream doomed Rendition’s BO, but the movie itself fails because because it’s so scattershot. KINDA SPOILERS BUT NOT REALLY TO FOLLOW: Most of the characters are one-note, and half — at least half — of the movie isn’t even about “rendition.” And the rendition case itself isn’t compelling. Everyone always asks if you would torture one person to save five-thousand and it’s probably the basis as to why the movie was made. It’s a situation that Meryl Streep’s evil southerner even mentions. But at no point do we ever get the sense that guy being tortured has important information that could save lives. Instead, it seems arbitrary, so there’s no moral question at the end. It is unbelievably bad.

  20. Well I haven’t seen Rendition so I’m asking something else. I know it’s been discussed before but I only just saw Bridge to Terabithia on DVD.
    What the hell was that marketing campaign?
    I really liked it the movie actually. It can rank alongside Freaky Friday and Holes as some of the very best younger-oriented fare of this decade. That AnnaSophia Robb’s gonna have a big future if she keeps smiling the way she does in that movie and stops being some sort of harbinger of death like it looked like she was in The Reaping.

  21. Oh, and that Repo trailer? Umm… jesus christ! What the fuck is that? You can certainly tell it originated as a stage show, huh?
    Is Paris Hilton the one is black?

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