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20 Weeks/T-Minus 19 – Whning While Mining


8 Responses to “20 Weeks/T-Minus 19 – Whning While Mining”

  1. seanwithaw says:

    hilarious. you think hairspray will be nominated for best picture.
    even more funny is the John Travolta best supporting actor. but Dave, I think you chose the wrong movie he’ll be nominated for. His Wild Hogs role was meatier.
    of course i’m being completely sarcastic. Both roles are absolutely horrible.

  2. David Poland says:

    To think it doesn’t have a chance is rather narrow-minded. It didn’t make all that money because people didn’t like it or because it was driven by a gay audience.
    And as for Travolta, you should try seeing the film with an non-critics audience that has an opinion about the performance.
    I don’t think it is a lock or anything like that. But I do think there will be one lighter picture and I think that the two other significant candidates to be that picture – Juno and Lars – have issues. Sweeney could block Hairspray too… but we’ll have to see it to know. Or, of course, there could simply be no “light” entry… or Charlie Wilson’s War could be seen as “light” or something else. This is why I have weekly charts. I am not a clairvoyant… i just read where things are each week for 20.

  3. seanwithaw says:

    Wild Hogs was light and made a lot more money than Hairspray. So I think it also has Best picture potential as well.

  4. David Poland says:

    Yes… and when Disney thinks so, I will consider it.
    Oscar is not a vacuum and not about whether you or I liked a movie.

  5. jeffmcm says:

    Yes, but you’ve been pushing Hairspray more than anyone.

  6. Crow T Robot says:

    Oh lighten up, gang. Poland is the Sisyphus of Oscar bloggers… cursed to push a Broadway musical adaptation up Academy Awards Hill year after year, only to have it roll down come nomination time.

  7. seanwithaw says:

    oh i only tease. if hairspray is nominated. john waters will be happy. so that’s good.

  8. Travolta being nominated is more than possible. I can’t say for the industry, but a lot of people love him in that movie. I mean, I lot of people also love Amanda Bynes and she ain’t getting nominated, but when you have someone as perrenially popular as Travolta in a hit film doing a major dose of stunt casting then you have GOT to consider it.

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