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Not New, But…

8 Responses to “Not New, But…”

  1. scooterzz says:

    not new but timeless……

  2. I had never seen that and it’s hi-llarious!!

  3. lazarus says:

    The more you watch Bert the more he looks like DeNiro. And Ernie,,,well he’s short, like Pesci.
    DP, you should link to that “Martin Scorsese’s Sesame Streets” under it. They’re kind of a set, no?

  4. anghus says:

    that was excellent. here’s the funniest thing i’ve ever seen on youtube.

  5. IOIOIOI says:

    Fucking hell, anghus. Fucking hell. That left me grasping for air for a minutes. Jesus. I do not know what’s funnier: CHALLENGE PISSING or the fact this commercial may have aired on over the air TV. Nevertheless; that’s some good shit right there.

  6. You guys are killing me…I’ll never get to work today…

  7. Josh Massey says:

    Anghus: That works better than all of the fake trailers combined because the voiceover sounds real. Most of these trailers (Shining, Muppets, whatever) are well-made, but suffocated by awful monotone voiceover.

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– Anthony Bourdain

The Atlantic: You saw that the Academy Awards recently held up your 2001 acceptance speech as the Platonic ideal of an Oscar speech. Did you have a reaction?

Soderbergh: Shock and dismay. When that popped up and people started texting me about it, I said, “Oh, it’s too bad I’m not there to tell the story of how that took place.” Well. I was not sober at the time. And I had nothing prepared because I knew I wasn’t going to win [Best Director for Traffic]. I figured Ridley, Ang or Daldry would win. So I was hitting the bar pretty hard, having a great night, feeling super-relaxed because I don’t have to get up there. So the combination of a 0.4 blood alcohol level and lack of preparation resulted in me, in my state of drunkenness crossed with adrenaline surge. I was coherent enough to know that [if I tried to thank everyone], that way lies destruction. So I went the other way. There were some people who appreciated that, and there were some people who really wanted to hear their names said, and I had to apologize to them.
~ Steven Soderbergh