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Sunday Estimates by Klady


9 Responses to “Sunday Estimates by Klady”

  1. EDouglas says:

    Next Sunday, we’re going to look back at this weekend as a heyday. I fully expect next weekend to be one of lowest-grossing weekends in many years.

  2. waterbucket says:

    Why can’t Spiderman 3 open already? That list looks like the Razzie nomination sheet.

  3. martindale says:

    Wow, even holdovers fell pretty hard this weekend.
    Will any movie gross more than $10 million next weekend? I don’t have access to any tracking info, but I can’t see any film other than “Next” grossing that high. I’m not even sure if Next stands a chance.

  4. Rob says:

    Next has to do $10 million no matter how crappy it is. What about The Invisible? Has Disturbia totally stolen its thunder.

  5. William Goss says:

    Any thoughts on TriStar’s ads-free and curiously limited release of that Emily Blunt horror flick, Wind Chill, this weekend?

  6. Saw Disturbia the other night. Not that bad actually, despite the characters making some of the stupidest decisions imaginable. Still, it was watchable and fun in parts and had some decent “scary” moments. The one thing I liked the very most though was the cast playing the kids (Shia LeBeouf and the other two) actually, shock horror, looked their age. Shia is only 20 so it makes sense that he can pass much easier as a 17-year-old than a 26-year-old muscle queen. But still, it was refreshing to see characters that age that looked like people that age.

  7. Oh, and can we all point and laugh at Perfect Stranger. That movie deserved to die and cruel and public death.

  8. Hopscotch says:

    I’d agree with you EDouglas but Hot Fuzz goes wide next week, and I fully expect the buzz on that to lift it’s BO potential considerably.
    And NEXT will probably win the weekend. Sigh.

  9. So, if Next is #1 next week then that means Nicolas Cage has had two #1 films by April. If Grindhouse had made it to #1 then technically he would have had three. Scary.

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