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It's Not Just The Weinstein's Problem

Would it be a failure of the Weinsteins became another Imagine or, for arguments sake, year 2003 Miramax? I don’t think so. Building a distribution machine is very expensive and very difficult. It has become an institutional business. Anyone with the money and access to talented people can make a movie. But wide release distribution is not something you just walk into … even if you can luck into a success or two.
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  1. Martin S says:

    Since this column ties into the Roth/Rifkin pieces, I’d like to point out how two of the films listed, both by Roth surprisingly, seem only halfway interesting.
    That being said, how the hell Roth still gets a line of credit from anyone is beyond my understanding. Revolution was a disaster, and his current slate looks to be churning out the same gunk. And the Rifkin slate…ugh.
    What I’m finding most interesting is that all the Dependents/Big Indies reminds me of the network biz back in the 80’s, early 90’s. All these satillite companies bumping out pilots that really had no purpose in being except as chunks between commercial blocks. It wasn’t until the mid-90’s when ABC and FOX decided to keep it all in the family that the pilot glut streamlined.
    I think this is what you might be indirectly referencing, Dave, when you talk about how sweet the studio gig is going to look in a year.
    Oh – you talk about NBCUni and Sony being sold, my question is how much longer do you think Lionsgate is going to hold out? And who the hell is going to buy NBCUni, or do you think it’s going to be split and sold? I could see NBC at WB.
    Now you got me thinking…wouldn’t the feds get involved if Uni and Sony ended with FOX, Viacom or Disney? In ten years, we’ll have gone from ten studios to three. I think the Ma Bell precedent would have to come into effect, especially when you take your distribution model into consideration.

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