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Friday Numbers by Klady

12:07p Update
Things look grim for The Grind.
The issue this weekend of being #1 is really a non-issue. If Blades of Glory does $25m for 3 days and Grindhouse did $24m, that would be disappointing

23 Responses to “Friday Numbers by Klady”

  1. marychan says:

    This message can give us some insights to explain why “Grindhouse” doesn’t do well.
    Anyway, it is a terrible news for The Weinstein Company; most of their movies were bombs. (Even MGM is very unhappy for releasing Weinstein’s bombs in theaters.)
    It also looks like fewer and fewer people want to support the Weinstein.

  2. martindale says:

    Can’t say I’m too surprised. In general, audiences just don’t get it when a movie is supposed to look intentionally bad (see SOAP).
    Oh well. At least the Weinsteins still have their Scary Movie franchise!

  3. montrealkid says:

    It’s interesting that you’re insinuating that Grindhouse is a financial “failure” when it’s a three hour, R-rated movie (you can’t sweep that argument under the rug), opening on a usually family oriented weekend (the Weinsteins counter programming seems to have left them with egg on their face) playing on roughly 1 000 less screens than Blades Of Glory. Anyone expecting more than $15-20 million is deluding themselves.
    Also, comparing Grindhouse to Snakes On A Plane is ridiculous. I expect Grindhouse to have much longer legs, and I think everyone will be surprised when it ends up taking $50-60 million by the end of its run.

  4. Chicago48 says:

    The problem is Grindhouse should be an art house movie, not a traditional movie house movie.
    By putting it in the same movie houses as 300 and Blades of Glory….just not a smart move. Once it got the buzz from the art house then you move it to neighborhoods.

  5. Tofu says:

    Grindhouse isn’t on 1000 less screens than BoG, it is in than 800 theaters (3,401 vs 2,624). Judging by the amount of showtimes, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that Grindhouse is only on 2/3rds of BoG’s screens. Maybe even closer to half.
    Not too surprising. 93 minute PG-13 Sports Comedy. 165 minute R Horror Fest. Not an easy sell to exhibitors no matter the talent.

  6. Hallick says:

    From the message posted by Marychan:
    “Most of the public will not get it , cause most are not total movie buffs and understand any homage to past movie genre or direction.”
    Tarantino knows this so well there’s a patch of dialogue in “Death Proof” that nails that absence of memories on the head. But you don’t need to know jack about the genre to “get” what’s actually in the movie. It’s plenty primal.
    “They just want to a see a top notch production and not the film quality they have been trying to rise above for the past 30 years or more. Glad I shorted it.”
    Then you all just blew off one of the best action movies in years. Spoilering prevents me from throwing a laundry list of reasons why these presumptions (many of which I shared before I saw “Grindhouse”) are so far off the mark.

  7. RyanK says:

    I might not have liked GRINDHOUSE, but I can see why it just didn’t pack them in, and that is it’s concept. It is a niche picture. I bet even 75%+ of the people who did go to see it had no real idea of the “grindhouse” concept. To many people it just looked like stupid, cheap crap, instead of a celebration of stupid, cheap crap.

  8. Lota says:

    The shallow drop-offs in the friday ests. are such that it makes it appear as though the audiences are in some regard avoiding the choices of the New films for this week, anyway.

  9. grandcosmo says:

    >>>To many people it just looked like stupid, cheap crap, instead of a celebration of stupid, cheap crap.
    And to many people they see nothing to celebrate and fetishize about stupid cheap crap.

  10. Rob says:

    Lota, it may also have been a product of many schools being closed.

  11. Lota says:

    Maybe Rob, but schools have been closed all week in many districts, for spring break, and for those that were open this week, Friday was only a half-day, so I’m surprised that Are we Done Yet wasn;t bigger, and for the older youngsters, Grindhouse.
    The lack of drop-off (like nothing over ~30%) makes me think that those who were off chose to see something released last week rather than this week, maybe by good word of mouth or just lack of interest in GH, Reaping and AWDY, that’s all.

  12. Well, I hope all you guys (by you guys I mean the people who didn’t see Grindhouse) are happy when we get a dozen more stupid Ice Cube “family” films and Will Ferrell “comedies” and we go years without another Tarantino flick. HAPPY LIKE A BITCH!
    Also, holy cow on the Meet the Robinsons number. Down only 9%?! That’s amazing.
    On the matter of 300 I’m still surprised it has/will make more money than last year’s Ice Age 2 considering that is an animated family film and it opened with roughly the same number as 300.

  13. Lota says:

    I’m always happy like a b*tch, Camel. Rohr. Or should I say woof woof.
    But I’ll take less Will Ferrell til he does something with less vomiting and close-ups on his teeth.

  14. Aladdin Sane says:

    Dave, what about Freedom Writers? Wasn’t that Ms Swank’s last film?

  15. jeffmcm says:

    The ironic thing is that the Tarantino half of the film is actually the half that does the least amount of referencing or ‘celebrating’.
    Sorry you’re such a stick in the mud, Grandcosmo.

  16. grandcosmo says:

    >>>Sorry you’re such a stick in the mud, Grandcosmo.
    I liked Tarantino’s half way more but I don’t see how I am a ‘stick in the mud’ just because I think other people wouldn’t have an interest in the project. I don’t see your logic there.

  17. EDouglas says:

    I’m just surprised that Rodriguez’s fans (they must be out there, right?) didn’t pull in more, especially since they could have just watched his half and the trailers and left if they wanted to.

  18. anghus says:

    Rodriguez doesn’t have fans.
    I thought Sin City might have changed that, but i can’t think of another marquee filmmaker with as much press as he gets having no real identity.
    He’s known more for technical achievement than creative quality.
    Personally, i think he’s as mediocre as you get. He was more talented when he had little to no money. The bigger his budgets got, the lazier his films became.
    It’s funny when you have a guy like Rodriguez who made Grindhouse films at the start of his career: El Mariachi, Desperado, From Dusk Til Dawn. Then he actually tries to make a grindhouse film with a budget bigger than all three of those films, and it’s so disconnected.

  19. Chucky in Jersey says:

    The problem is Grindhouse should be an art house movie, not a traditional movie house movie.
    The real problem is overbooking, a bad practice in summer that’s expanded to other seasons.
    Most megaplexes near me were booking 2 prints of “Grindhouse” instead of only 1. It means you don’t sell out the first weekend, thus you don’t create a must-see factor for those who wouldn’t otherwise go.
    It also forces megaplexes to not open “Hoax” or pick up “The Namesake”.

  20. Chicago48 says:

    Chucky: AGreed. But I think we’re of the same mind. It needed to be in smaller number of houses, get the buzz, then move to big.

  21. Wrecktum says:

    Insane. You would never platform a movie like this.

  22. David Poland says:

    Thanks for the correction, Aladdin… but you still get the point, yes?

  23. Cadavra says:

    And let me AGAIN point out that GH attendance was higher than ticket sales indicate because younger teens bought tix to PG and PG-13 pix like DONE and BLADES and then snuck into GH. Why is this concept so difficult to sink in?

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