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The Air is on Fire: David Lynch à Paris


Via Italy’s Espresso and republished on the “David Lynch Electrical Resource”, Dugpa, a passel of pics of Mr. Lynch’s gee-wow art lookback in Paris; if you’ve wondered what the walls the art’s hung on looks like, here you go. In New Statesman, Alice O’Keeffe has a keen interview with Lynch about where he stands today: “Though a genius he may be, the thought of Lynch sitting alone in his studio with these images, lopping a leg off here and adding a festering gash there, is not pleasant. “Those distorted nudes thrill me, and I don’t know all the reasons why… Sometimes when there’s a distortion or a rearrangement it makes you see things afresh, and something jumps. I do like fragments of the human form, and then there’s all kinds of variations, and that’s interesting. It’s like jazz: there’s the melody – the human form – and then there’s all kinds of variants, and that’s real interesting.”
Would it bother him, I wonder, if someone got off on them? “Oh no, you can’t worry about stuff like that, because you would stop working,” he insists, but then says: “There must be some responsibility when you make something. They say for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. There could be something coming back from what we do, but I’m not positive.” [On a different note, Lynch collaborator Freddie Francis, cinematographer of The Elephant Man, Dune and The Straight Story, is dead at 89.)

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  1. amine says:

    If you like David and his work you shouldn’t miss this event.
    The second annual Lynch Weekend will be hosted on the Maharishi University of Management campus in Fairfield, Iowa on May 25-27.,

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