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The Daily David – Oscar Viewing, Pt 1 of 2

The YouTube version

7 Responses to “The Daily David – Oscar Viewing, Pt 1 of 2”

  1. Harley says:

    Wow, that’s….? Buy a mirror for chrissakes!

  2. martin says:

    Nice lighting Dave, what pit of hell was that shot in?
    Does Monaghan remind anyone else of Kevin Smith?
    What was up with the retarded “factoids”? Like the POTC best visual effects win, announcer talking about how the guy was thinking about another profession because a hurricane hit during production. Sure, visual effects includes stuff on set, but first thing that comes to mind is people in front of computers in post production. Just a dumbass piece of trivia.
    And if you ask me, the lowpoint of all these awards shows is the animated characters on stage/in audience. Always seems forced and rarely amusing.

  3. Tofu says:

    Everyone at least were interested in the Barry Lyndon bit.

  4. Lota says:

    you cut off Monaghan’s tribute to Lawrence/Otoole, you big dummy. [I apologize if it were accidental.] You looked fairly unresponsive or unsurprised Dave. Couldn;t you at least say “oh hell no” for wins you were unhappy about, or “Yes! there is a God!” for wins you were happy with? You need a hip flask.
    From the way you edited it, it almost appeared as though Gwynneth borrowed Nicole’s “wig” I mean hair (you know what I mean). Eerie.
    I sure dug being able to see George Miller’s and Robert Downey jr’s hair again.
    i had a beagle growing up, he was my best pal. We used to watch the Three Stooges together (and he Really watched them too).

  5. waterbucket says:

    What the…! At least make some comment instead of just nodding your head, man. Worst. David. Video. Ever.

  6. Wellywood Rrrrr says:

    Dave the film-maker is true to his words – ‘I have no problem with films that don’t have conventional act structure’.

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