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By David Poland

Sundance 7 – Photo Array

Slipstream, Dinerstein, Main Street, The Real Paul Fischer, AR, Marty, K-Hair, Random Girl, Gilmore Flame, Tony & Dennis

7 Responses to “Sundance 7 – Photo Array”

  1. Tofu says:

    Sundance. No men under the age of 30 allowed.
    Sundance. No women over the age of 30 allowed.

  2. Wrecktum says:

    Who’s the broad in the hat. She’s a humdinger.

  3. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    Women can smell that kind of desperation Dave. No wonder no women come to this blog, your constant lecherous oggling of unattainable young women (mcadams syndrome) is reaching fever pitch. Here’s a tip. Grab some snow. Apply to the throbbing thing below your belt.
    Can you either (A) tell us about some movies (B) some decent gossip.

  4. Lota says:

    well gals, and us female replicants, do come to these here parts, JB Doctor. we just usually don’t give out our websites.
    put some snow on the camera lens too DPo (if there’s any left over), it might shift the colour balance a little.
    you don;t have to write big azz reviews but maybe 2-3 sentences on each movie, especially if they are likely to never be seen again *or* might sit on a shelf for 2 years.

  5. David Poland says:

    There have been movie reviews and comments every day, if not here then on MCN’s Sundance page…

  6. Hallick says:

    “There have been movie reviews and comments every day, if not here then on MCN’s Sundance page…”
    Yes, but…skimpy. Mostly comments about Hound Dog and who bought what for how much; Not very many reviews (only 5 on the MCN Sundance page between 3 people: David Poland, Ray Pride, and Justine Elias); and too much space wasted on the usual “its so hard navigating around this little town”. I know. Anybody who’s read a report from the festival since the late 80’s knows. Its known already.
    How sad is it that MCN’s USA Today link (AB-positive’s Sundance notebook) has more info on films that are playing there than most of the blogs I’ve searched through? And Well’s HE has been one of the absolute worst, I’m sad to say. Most of what he wrote could’ve been done just as thoroughly from Topeka, Kansas.

  7. Wrecktum says:

    The lack of a comprehensive list of reviews of festival films has been very disappointing to me.

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