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By David Poland

Can Someone Really Be This Wrong?

Mark Harris is a smart and talented man and I am loath to insult him

12 Responses to “Can Someone Really Be This Wrong?”

  1. jeffmcm says:

    Six figures? Wow, good job.

  2. bipedalist says:

    Aren’t you supposed to be at an awards show or something?
    Seriously, you can huff and puff until you’re blue in the face – the date change has altered the Oscar race in a negative way. Full stop. No one can convince me otherwise. Harris’ piece is great.

  3. Joe Leydon says:

    “Expectations is”? Sorry, David, but I would flunk you for that.

  4. Blackcloud says:

    “the date change has altered the Oscar race in a negative way.”
    Yeah, for the studios et al. who are still acting as though the old date is still in effect. Whose fault is that?

  5. Pat H. says:

    The effect on the Oscar race is debatable but whatever it is it is not “unjust” which is where Harris loses me. Everyone knew the dates when the year started.

  6. BiPed, would you really honestly like to keep talking about the Oscars for another month or two? Late March/Early April is ridiculous for Oscar. Considering it’s all pretty stable except for the fifth position in most categories from December onwards, an extra month and a half is just painful.
    Plus, I want good movies all year around, not just when the studios think I do. They say they would lose out on $$$ my releasing films throughout the year, but wouldn’t they recoup it from the fact that there aren’t 27 other arthouse titles competing for it? If Letters from Iwo Jima was released sometime in April for instance, I’m sure you’d get a bigger audience because they would be up for something being hailed as a sure-fire Oscar winner. But at the end of December pretty much everything is touted as being an Oscar lock.
    I read an article today about Chris Noonan (director of Babe and the new Miss Potter) that said, and I quote:
    “It was a savvy choice, with the film’s star Renee Zellweger figuring in awards nominations over recent weeks for her touching performance.
    Though the film’s marketing budget has been much smaller than others courting Oscar gold, buzz has been steadily growing surrounding a likely Academy Awards nomination for Zellweger, something that delights Noonan.”
    And also, because studios don’t release these late December titles overseas usually until after the Oscars they lose out because we all know they didn’t win anything. If they released Factory Girl (for example) they could trumpet it’s so-called Oscar abilities, but when the film’s release comes around in May (or later, probably) it’ll be an even more of a non-factor.
    And then there was an ad in a newspaper today claiming Blood Diamond WON Best Picture at the National Board of Review (click my name to see it). Ridiculous.

  7. David Poland says:

    BiP – Please be specific. How exactly has the shortened season – now three years old – damaged anything?

  8. Eric says:

    “But to argue that they were victims of a short season is to be either a sucker or a fool

  9. James Leer says:

    I also love how Dave insists the Oscar date change doesn’t matter, except he regularly discusses every single date change in depth, analyzes how a release date change of even a week can hurt or help a movie, and is so into the concept of when things happen that he is bashing Entertainment Weekly for their tradition (which has to be several years old) of putting out an Oscar prognostication issue shortly after the new year. The only change there has been that they used to day “The Oscar Race Begins!” but now thanks to early bird pundits, can only claim “The Oscar Race Is On!” When would you rather have them put out the issue, DP? Twenty weeks prior?

  10. It’s not the date of the ceremony that matters, but the date the studios can be bothered releasing their movies. Is it really going to hurt Miss Potter to be released a few weeks earlier?

  11. Sam says:

    If everybody knows the Oscar dates in advance, the studios can schedule their films, wisely or unwisely, accordingly.

  12. Exactly. It’s their own fault.

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