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Nanni states: why we love Moretti

sonsroomlrg.jpgI’ve feared for years going back to watch Nanni Moretti‘s The Son’s Room, which I love dearly and don’t want to be disappointed by on another go. But Signor Moretti never disappoints in his public profile, from being a premier Roman film exhibitor to this short, sharp shock, per the BBC. “Award-winning Italian director Nanni Moretti has stepped down as artistic director of the Turin Film Festival, two days after accepting the job.” Moretti “resigned after learning his appointment was opposed by some festival organisers.” “There has been talk of organizing two competing festivals in the same city, someone suggested a lack of ethics and some have even said that I would be an instrument for politicians to strangle the festival’s independence,” Moretti wrote. “With great pain I give up the job and leave you to your method problems, procedural disputes, personal grudges.” The Beeb contextualizes: “The annual November festival, now in its 25th year, is facing increased comp[e]tition from the newly inaugurated Rome Film Festival, which takes place in October. “The nomination of Moretti positions the Festival of Turin on the same level as that of Venice and Rome and this is an important point of departure,” Sandro Cosazza, President of Turin’s National Museum of Cinema, said when the appointment was first announced last week. “For this we are grateful to Moretti to have accepted the challenge.”

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