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By David Poland

I Guess It Really Can't Be Avoided

Over at Hollywood-El-Swear, a grown up director- George Hickenlooper – went apeshit on our very own JWEgo aka Spam Dooley after Dooley posted in response to George’s buttboy’s 8.5 star rave:
“why picture George when you know he did not direct this movie? did he sell you some white stuff?”
Lame. But it pissed GH off and the highlights of his response were:
Hey asshole, I am in the process of tracking you down. When I find out who you are, and I will, I am going to file a nice fat defamation of character lawsuit against you. I have spoken to my attorneys and Bloom Hergott and your sinister, unrelenting proclamations of my alleged drug abuse and my having been removed from the picture, both blatantly false, malicious, and cruel, is grounds for a big fat, juicy lawsuit. You have seriously exposed yourself legally and you only better hope you don’t have any assets, prick-face, because when my attorneys get through with you, you’ll be pushing a mop at the La Brea Burger King.
Prick face. Nice.
” warn you JWEgo as I finish the final mix of Factory Girl… when I find out who you are, you will here from my lawyers. In fact as an incentive, I am offering anyone who provides me with the identity of JWEgo by this weekend, I will pay a reward of $1,500.00. Thank you. GH”
JWEgo then folded like a $3 deck chair:
“No need to find me Mr. Hickenlooper. I repeated a comment that I was told by someone who seemed to know. I apologize if I was wrong. I hereby state that I have no idea what I am talking about and IN NO WAY intended to upset you.”
Not enough for George…
“JWEgo: You still have not told me who you are. And tell me who told you this? I am not going to drop this matter. I have already had two separate people identify you for me. You do not have a lot of fans apparently. This is disappointing to me because if you are who these people say you are, I thought we were friends. I admire your work and we even discussed working together. So if it is you, why would you post these viscious, false and puerile diatribes. You better come forward with me on this, because I will pursue this unrelentingly, not so much because it has hurt me, but because it has hurt my five-year-old.”
Well… if Mr. Hickenlooper’s 5 year old is on the internet reading Wells and other internet pornography, I am afraid a visit form Child Protective Services is appropriate. But I am guessing that it was just hyperbole.
Spammy has, so far, backed off every time anyone – I was the other one, I guess – got close to finding out for sure who he is. It’s no secret that most people think he is Don Murphy… even if he dissed Transformers on this blog a few weeks back. (Give ’em the ol’ razzle dazzle…)
The only really interesting thing here is a grown up actually putting a bounty on an anonymous commenter’s head and losing his shit in a public forum.
Oh… and the movie pretty much sucks. Hickenlooper

84 Responses to “I Guess It Really Can't Be Avoided”

  1. Ahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
    Oh my God….my SIDE!
    I find a new reason every day, lately. I gotta get the fuck out of this business……
    The World Wide Web: the information sandbox it’ll always be.

  2. T.Holly says:

    For a moment, I was worried jeffmcm was going to comment that I knew who Spam was.

  3. Jeremy Smith says:

    Worried? That’d be $1,500 in your pocket, son.

  4. little_miss_moonshine says:

    HickenlooperEgo is savage. The La Brea Burger King’s in Inglewood.

  5. Lota says:

    the money might be hard to divvy up. Spam could be a couple of mystery douchebags, maybe different ones for different days, moods or topics. So where would that leave a defamation suit? In the closet with the rest of the suits, likely.

  6. T.Holly says:

    DP’s “review” could be for “Fur” — I’ll be in line, hope it’s at the Sunset 5.
    There’s a Burger King on the NE corner of LaBrea and Sunset. There’s also one on Highland, north of Hollywood. The jerks thought another one inside Hollywood/Highland was a good idea, but it went out of business quickly.

  7. T.Holly says:

    “Wells and other internet pornography”? Kris Tapley got it right, “fight fight fight fight.”

  8. James Leer says:

    “George’s buttboy?”

  9. EDouglas says:

    Well, if Spam/JWEgo is who I think it is, then George Hickenlooper’s response would be the kind of shenanigans that Spam/JWEgo gets up to when people criticize his work.

  10. bipedalist says:

    George’s Butt Boy refers to Wells. You know, cause Poland is so above all that.

  11. Wrecktum says:

    Hickenlooper’s diatribe is so deliciously virulent. I wish I had the wherewithal to be a Spam Dooley sometimes. Having talent tear you a new asshole is golden.

  12. James Leer says:

    So DP would be “Condon’s Condom”?
    Sorry, I had to.

  13. Ian says:

    Wells can be cantankerous, self-righteous, elitist and wilfully peverse, but in this particular instance, he has one thing Poland lacks in spades: class.

  14. jeffmcm says:

    This is certainly fricking hilarious.
    But DP, you really ought to stay above this kind of thing…although I guess it is indeed ‘movie city news’.
    T. Holly: Do you in fact know this information? I was picturing you and JWEgo having an incomprehensible lunchtime conversation together.

  15. dre says:

    mom and dad are fighting again. but who brought the slut?

  16. mutinyco says:

    I bet it’s JWEgo’s fault that Hearts of Darkness still isn’t on DVD…

  17. Bob Violence says:

    “The idea that he was asexual, but gay leaning, and was somehow in love with his creation, comfortable with her sexuality only when he controlled it, is fascinating… but it is left lying as flaccid as Warhol

  18. bipedalist says:

    OMG, Who’s the slut? (finger crossed hoping it’s me)

  19. Ian says:

    If you kept your legs crossed as often as you crossed your fingers, you wouldn’t need to ask, Bip.

  20. bipedalist says:

    Indeed. Point taken. It shall be my New Year’s Resolution

  21. jeffmcm says:

    Your one stop for obscure Dreamgirls box-office records!

  22. jeffmcm says:

    Whoops, wrong thread. Sorry.

  23. Joe Leydon says:

    David: You do realize, of course, that you’ve given up all moral authority to criticize anyone who makes homophobic remarks anywhere, anytime, anyplace — right? I mean, between this and accusing Jeff of running pictures of his son to pimp for gay readers — you have sunk to the level of anyone who indulges in fag-bashing, right? In fact, right now, I’d would put you on the level of Mel Gibson.
    It’s sort of like when you accused me of being a drama queen, and then tried to weasel out of it by saying, oh, no, goodness gracious, that was not meant as a gay-insulting remark, not at all. (For the record: I do not consider it an insult to be called gay. You, however, seem to believe that it is.) David, this sort of schoolyard taunting is beneath you, and you know it. You are too smart, and too respected, to indulge in this sort of thing. Shame on you.

  24. THX5334 says:

    You know Wells is shilling his review for something in return when he gives props to Hayden Christensen’s performance.
    I have to say, it’s getting more amusing watching all the “critics” fight with each other. It’s like a badly orchestrated cat fight between the girls of some lame sorority.
    So insular and so petty.
    And you all wonder why all the real players are taking you less and less seriously.
    And I do agree with sentiment about Hickenlooper letting his kid read the internet like that at five years old.
    Clearly this filmmaker has no clue that the first five years of a child’s life can shape and form the personality and behaivor for almost the course of the entire run of their lives.
    Letting your kid read that stuff at five, um, maybe save the money for the lawsuit and put it towards your kids future therapy bills.

  25. David Poland says:

    You are a drama queen, Joe. Your entry proves it yet again. And neither

  26. Joe Leydon says:

    No, David: It was Lenny Bruce who made the “Fuck you” remark. (He also made a similar comment about cocksucking. Come over to my house some time, and I’ll play the comedy LPs for you.) And if you’re going to tell me you didn’t mean to make a homosexual inference with “buttboy,” I will call you a liar. Sorry: After the remark about Jeff’s son, you’ve established a pattern. And it’s obvious I’m not the only person on this blog who realizes this.

  27. CaptainZahn says:

    Something that’s really interesting to me is how quick Dave is to knock articles that argue that Dreamgirls is too “gay” for mainstream audiences when he himself went out of his way to point out the ways in which Superman Returns was “gay”.

  28. grandcosmo says:

    To paraphrase a joke about academia these arguments between online Oscar prognosticators are always so vicious because the stakes are so small.

  29. David Poland says:

    I’m pretty sure you are one of the only people who remembers whatever comment I made about Jeff’s son. I certainly don’t… though I can guess.
    And if you think I am a liar, Joe, you can get the fuck out. You are not welcome.
    As for you, Zahn… you are, to start, mis-paraphrasing me. But moreover, there is a significant difference between a superhero film being sold to teenage boys who are into action being “too gay” and a muscial being “too gay.”
    Have you ever read any suggestion by me that there is a point of entry for teen boys and Dreamgirls? If you think you have, please quote it.
    Just because demographic arguments can be made does not open the door to say whatever you want and not be called on it.

  30. David Poland says:

    You’re wrong, Grandcosmo.
    First, neither Jeffrey or I are specifically Oscar prognisticators.
    Second, my issues with Jeffrey are not small. His behavior is no inconsequential. His actions, like mine, have an influence beyond daily readership. Traditional media is resetting its boundaries every day and we are one of the templates that is used.
    Third, moral choices matter. If one small action doesn’t matter, they very few actions do matter.
    Mel Gibson drunk driving certainly doesn’t matter. Or does it? Brittany’s panties? Hussein being hung?
    It is far too easy to be funny and say nothing matters. No blood will be spilt here. But all of this started over one stupid comment on Jeff’s site. It mattered a lot to George Hickenlooper. But maybe he’s too myopic too. Maybe we all are. Maybe you are reading a movie blog instead of joining the Peace Corps.

  31. liza says:

    David, sort your shit out. You can get away with arguing that “drama queen” makes no use of homosexuality as an insult, but to claim that “butt boy” doesn’t is considerably beneath your intelligence, and that of most of your readers. And it’s a big old shame you used the phrase, however carelessly, as an insult, since it immediately invalidates your allegation that jeff wells is homophobic. You may be right about wells, you may be wrong (my money’s on the first), but with such glibness you disqualify yourself from casting any stones. Take a deep breath, admit you mistyped, then you can keep on fighting the good fight, without giving your loyal readers cause to question.

  32. jeffmcm says:

    “First, neither Jeffrey or I are specifically Oscar prognisticators.”
    WHAT?!? That’s half of what you do!

  33. grandcosmo says:

    David, Opening up a blog to anyone in the world who can type in English means that a lot of idiotic comments will be made. Getting bent out of shape like Hickenlooper did is both hilarious and ridiculous.
    Actors and directors whore themselves out to anyone in the media who will help them publicize their work and thus make them a buck. However when they play that game they have to expect that people will take all kinds of shots at them espcially in public forums.
    As for your issues with Wells why don’t you just put them out in the open instead of constantly taking these little shots at him.
    I don’t read him because I find his site worthless so the only time I am exposed to his blog is when you link to it.

  34. kates09er says:

    In all fairness, wasn’t Spam/JWEgo continually posting comments insinuating Hickenlooper was removed from the film due to his drug use? I read both sites and I remember seeing Spam/JWEgo go after Hickenlooper every time Factory Girl was mentioned. Yes, it is fair to say Hickenlooper overreacted, but for those of us reading the continual character attacks, I was kind of happy to see Hickenlooper stand up for himself, he just took it too far bringing his kid into it.
    I agree with Liz on the buttboy comment, something about Wells makes you lose your shit, and it is a shame for readers of both sites.

  35. Joe Leydon says:

    “I’m pretty sure you are one of the only people who remembers whatever comment I made about Jeff’s son. I certainly don’t… though I can guess.
    And if you think I am a liar, Joe, you can get the fuck out. You are not welcome.”
    August 2005, Dave. Go back and check your own fucking records. You really shouldn’t try to bullshit us when it’s so easy to disprove what you’re saying with a few keystrokes on Google. You really should get back on your meds.

  36. bipedalist says:

    I think people need to back off of DP. You all know what he meant – can’t you keep it on content without chasing his words?

  37. T.Holly says:

    Buttboy is just ass-kisser. Sanctioning speech is wrong. I do remember what Joe Leydon brings up, because when I started coming here, I brushed up on “RoyBatty” — DP wasn’t “wrong.”
    I commented on the farcus (I chose that word, then looked it up, and the says it’s used to describe a gay person, usually in a derogatory way — who knew?), I mean, on the fracus here:

  38. CaptainZahn says:

    Dave, what I’m getting is that, to me, saying that a movie might be coming off “gay” because it has a gay director raises some red flags. I question whether your ideas about what exactly is “too gay” to most people are more about the prejudices of other people or your own. Your argument about Superman’s pose in the one poster was particularly silly to me. It just sort of smacks of putting gay directors into a box as to which movies it’s okay for them to direct. I could be wrong and I’m not saying you should be given the homophobe of the year award or anything. I just feel like you should give more thought to some of the responses you’ve received here.

  39. T.Holly says:

    This is the relevant part, Hickenlooper “went ballistic in his tirade against a commenter who left oft repeated serious accusations against him. The tirade sparked the blogosphere smackdown, which was also in part over said commenter, who has been particularly irritating, but, at times seemingly knowledgeable, bordering on interesting, to both Poland and Wells and their readers, known, for short, as Spam or Ego, who once left his email address here at Risky Biz as and has been leaving false, nasty comments that, as he claimed back when it appeared, he had even gotten onto Page 6, to the effect that George had been taken off the movie on account of drug use. Yesterday, on the day Factory Girl opened, Hickenlooper said he’d find the verbally harassing commenter as soon as he was done mixing and would press libel charges against him.”

  40. Joe Leydon says:

    And BTW: Before I get banished by Dave — I spent most of this evening re-watching “A Prairie Home Companion” on DVD this evening. Great movie. Better than “Dreamgirls.”

  41. T.Holly says:

    APHC celebrates song, destiny and fate. I’m still trying to figure out the angel ghost.

  42. Joe Leydon says:

    T: It represents what waits for us all. This year, for my father, one of my best friends, and Altman himself. And someday for you — though, I sincerely hope, not soon. Happy New Year. Hope you have many more years to come. And you, too, David, once you calm down.

  43. Ian says:

    Hey, come on guys, please clam up so I can continue to to flirt with Bipedalist. That way at least one of us has can honestly claim to have put their priorites into perspective.

  44. Joe Leydon says:

    So, er, Ian: Did you score?

  45. Ian says:

    That’s no question to ask a gentleman, Joe.

  46. Joe Leydon says:

    That’s why I’m asking you, Ian. (Just kidding.)

  47. bipedalist says:

    Since my New Year’s resolution is to keep my legs crossed I don’t think so! :-)

  48. Ian says:

    Of course, technically, you can’t actually make that resolution until midnight…

  49. THX5334 says:

    “And I do agree with sentiment about Hickenlooper letting his kid read the internet like that at five years old.
    Clearly this filmmaker has no clue that the first five years of a child’s life can shape and form the personality and behaivor for almost the course of the entire run of their lives.”
    “”What a crock.””
    Which part Bi?
    I think you misconstrued my words. I am not advocating holding back information from kids, or not letting them be on the internet at early ages.
    But you think it’s okay to let your kid at FIVE, mind you. Not Eight, or Seven, but Five, You think it’s okay to let your kid surf the web UNSUPERVISED and read shit like Hollywood Elsewhere at FIVE?
    You think there’s not potential for forming misguided world views, personality or behavorial skills based on what they soak up on in terms of content on a place like Hollywood Elsewhere at that age?
    Yes, kudos to the kid for being able to read at that age. Absolutely.
    But if you think it’s a “crock” that a child’s first five years of their life isn’t a crucial developmental period that will shape their personality, behaivoral and social skills, and most importantly – Emotional and Social Intelligence –
    than I would be happy to provide you with the books, hundreds of published articles, notes and records from the five expert child psychologists I’m working with on my current kids film/videogame project that supports what you say is a “crock”.
    You sound like a great parent, with a fantastic daughter, but I have to call you out on calling it a crock what mental health experts have been trying to advocate for years, to the ignorance of many. Those first five years are crucial.
    I agree with you about the pictures and billboards. Unfortunately, it’s the information and technology age. All the reason we need to exhibit more emotional and socail intelligence in our actions and parenting, as these new forms of communication and technologies emerge.
    At the risk of sounding like a total mysoginist, but this hit my trigger and I have to express this –
    (And Bi, this is not direced towards you at all, I still have my crush on you.)
    Women…You think because you physically birth that kid out, it automatically makes you a great parent. Not always true.
    It is not good parenting that the kid was reading about his dad’s alleged cocaine abuse and firing from a film. It’s just not. Not when the kid is only five years old. If Hickenlooper’s off working, well you can’t blame him. But where’s the mom in this case? All they had to do was block inappropriate sites. Easy.
    I think it’s more the age that gets me. If the kid was eight and read that, then they could process it way better, but there still major personality shaping taking place at that age, and that is not the kind of thing you would want your kid reading.
    Look, I think it’s safe to say that I and most others, probably knew everything you weren’t supposed to know by the third grade. That’s why South Park is so brilliant. Because the kids are smart, and we all remember being that smart and aware that age.
    But there is a lifetime of development between five and eight on a emotional and psychological level. Five is too young for that content.
    But I would let my kid read Hollywood Elsewhere at eight or ten. And yes, there is a big difference in their processing and reasoning skills at those respective ages, compared to five.
    I should have clarified my position better.
    Happy New Year people!

  50. jeffmcm says:

    It’s kind of funny that Hollywood Elsewhere is being discussed as if it was a Larry Flynt website or had links to snuff footage.

  51. Ian says:

    No, no, no, THX. You’re going about it quite the wrong way. Try “My goodness, you look like a goddess in this enchanted moonlight, Bip. The moon is so beautiful tonight. But not as beautiful as you.”

  52. David Poland says:

    Really? That’s quite a resolution, BiP. Some might see it is a challenge… though I am sure it always has been… uh… yeah… don

  53. Argen says:

    What an entertaining thread. For the best part is JWEgo crumbling like three day old cake at the first sign of trouble. Hope it’s a good sign for next year in which I hope for nothing but pestilence for anything and anyone JW-related. Sorry if that’s harsh, but I feel the way I feel and Wells is a scumbag.
    For the rest I wish a fun night and a fantastic new year. Let’s get out there and make some stuff up. Let’s unleash a little more creativity and a little less cynicism. Let’s make great works that can inspire. Let’s be the living refutation of everything embodies by Jeffrey Wells’ shrunken soul.
    Goodnight, all.

  54. bipedalist says:

    “Really? That’s quite a resolution, BiP. Some might see it is a challenge… though I am sure it always has been… uh… yeah… don

  55. Joe Leydon says:

    Ian: She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s flirty — go for it, man. (I’m not making any moves myself because I have ties older than her.)

  56. THX5334 says:

    Sweet, BiP. I totally agree on every point.
    Ahh if only the girls in the industry that I date in my real life (if you can call them that. Maybe chicks, is more appropriate?), here in Los Angeles, had the depth of BiP, or T. Holly or Lota.
    For those that read the blog that live in LA:
    I was in the 7-11 on La Cienega and Olympic yesterday, and I was joking with the co-workers, cause I go in there everyday. And there was a Beverly Hills motorcycle cop in there drinking coffee…
    I had just finished a big writing project and was on a nice little high from the sense of accomplishment. So I go in, a little louder and more “on stage” than usual; and say hi to the guy behind the counter:
    “Hey Safi! My man, what’s cracking?”
    He and his co-worker give me their usual high fives. The Beverly Hills cop, sips his coffee and eyes me over the cup…. Safi rings me up and says
    “How you doing man, what’s going on?”
    So I’m feeling good, being silly, and I say:
    “Man, I just finished a big writing project, feeling high from the sense of accomplishment. I am going out tonight and I’m gonna celebrate.”
    The cop perks up as I continue and I say:
    “I am going to go out tonight and find me a fly girll, a girl with HONOR and INTEGRITY.” ….
    And the cop, and the two guys behind the counter BUST OUT LAUGHING as if I have a better chance of winning the lottery.
    Only in Los Angeles.
    Now those in the other states can understand why some of us swoon when the ladies that frequent these boards that are in the game, exhibit the intelligence they do.
    And that is my story for the day.
    Have a safe New Years people.

  57. EDouglas says:

    “Since my New Year’s resolution is to keep my legs crossed I don’t think so! :-)”
    Now if only Brittney Spears would do the same…

  58. Ian says:

    Now THAT’s the way to see the New Year in!

  59. Lota says:

    it is possible, like for many on the internet, that any semblance if integrity is as feigned as the rest of the personality constructions.
    but thank you anyway. Honor was one of the names my mother intended on bestowing upon me (she liked the Goldfinger movie), and thankfully I was named something that would get me slightly less playground torture than that.
    if Producers weren’t such Ho-s you wouldn;t have any problems finding girls with honor and integrity (and no plastic surgery). stop those Ho-s and you have fewer problems.
    I have to go to LA ~6 times a year, but don’t live there (yet).
    was in a dive bar party last night where they had the neatest bigscreen/flatscreen computer thingy jukeboxes where you can download just about anything under the sun to play. Several people tried to ruin da New Years Funk by playing sleepy C & W hits but I spent a lot of money Keeping it Real by playing Brick, Parliament, Beasties and dilated P and the Tribe. I even got an uptight gay police officer to join me in singing “she’s a brick…House!” He bought me drinks, so liberating his singing voice was the least I could do. His calves weren;t bad either. definitely a lack of good calves on the market.
    now I am going back to sleep.

  60. Lota says:

    it should say “of” integrity

  61. Lota says:

    it should say “of” integrity

  62. bipedalist says:

    I was with you during the whole rubber chicken thing, Ian, but you threw me off my game with the Nixon mask.
    Oh and, “As Balzac said, ‘there goes another novel.'”

  63. horus8 says:

    C’mon, Mister Hickenlooper’s shrill self-righteous attack on this poor (and I suspect deceptively meek) JWEgo dude is genuinely funny. What cracks me up the most is the fact that hapless George really believes “his lawyers” at Bloom Hergott are working for a litigation firm! Goodness, Jake Bloom and Alan Hergott (or anyone at that posh Rodeo Drive lawoffice) doing two-bit litigation, now that would truly be a sight to see. It’s cute that George has gotten such a testosterone rush out of all this – he believes he could actually afford litigation at today’s astronomical rates – especially in light of the whiny lament posted June 15 2006 on his film’s imdb message board, to wit: “Everyone who worked on Factory Girl worked for scale wages. In fact I had to put a large portion of my salary back into the movie just to get it made…” For sure, whatever spare change George has left after child-support goes to cover his wine tab at the Gramercy Rose Bar (not cheap) and maintaining standard Los Angeles auteur gear (leather blazer, oversized plastic frames, goatee). Might be a real hardship for a struggling auteur like George Hickenlooper to cover a decent litigator’s $400/hr fee times a minimum hundred hours of legal work (plus deposition and other costs) before ever arriving at the satisfaction (and possible stunning disappointment) of a motion for summary judgment, maybe a year or so down the line. And that could just be the beginning. Litigation is a lifestyle reserved strictly for the very rich and very powerful. Whether they have a case or not.

  64. Ian says:

    Sorry about the mask, BiP, but what harm was done? After all, remember that Balzac also said that a woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.

  65. Ian says:

    Regarding Horus8’s post: such meticulous research would rather seem the parvenu of a stalker; at least the filmmaker in question has actually made a film, and good luck to him, rather than spending his time sordidly trawling through IMDB’s message boards like a crack-addled coyote.

  66. horus8 says:

    Goodness gracious Ian, that was lightning quick: It only took you seven minutes to LEAP to poor George’s defense; I mean talk about stalkers and crack-addled coyotes, are you the proverbial pot calling the kettle black or simply being Monsieur Malaprop? Check out the dictionary definition of “parvenu” = “a person who has recently or suddenly acquired wealth, importance, position, or the like, but has not yet developed the conventionally appropriate manners, dress, surroundings, etc.” Hm. I wonder, by inaccurately dropping the term “parvenu” into your post about my comment, are you subconsciously referring to the George Hickenlooper you apparently admire for simply having made a film, any film? Or are you simplemindedly assuming that I have never made any? Tsk tsk… I mean, like get a life, as kids today say …

  67. Ian says:

    My bad. I meant to use “province” not “parvenu”, and there is no editing facility on this forum. And thanks for the advice, but Santa gave me a life for Xmas.

  68. horus8 says:

    Thank you for the kind correction, Ian – and glad to hear Santa remembered you. No hard feelings between us, or at least there should not be any as far as I’m concerned – and happy new year.

  69. Ian says:

    And to you. I was initially taken aback by such venom and spite on a New Year’s Day. Absolutely no hard feelings here.

  70. James Leer says:

    Well, this became unusually literate, didn’t it?
    But responding to something earlier, I’d like to hear DP’s take on why the Superman Returns one-sheet “felt very distinctly like what a marketer would use to market to gay men.” Speaking as a gay man, I did not feel distinctly marketed to. The romantic shot of Bosworth and Routh wrapped in the cape was clearly marketed at WOMEN (the demo with the most resistance to seeing the film and therefore clearly the one they were trying to spend extra time wooing), and if it weren’t for the director’s sexuality, I think that’d be obvious to you. If Brett Ratner had directed a film that produced that same poster, I don’t think you’d spend several blog posts dissecting how “gay” it was.

  71. CaptainZahn says:

    I don’t really get why people refer to the “coming out” scene in X2 as some sort of reference point that makes it okay to
    call out Singer for putting supposedly “gay” stuff in his movies or the marketing materials for his movies. There’s a difference between something that’s clearly intended to be noticed and someone saying that a moment in a movie or the way someones standing or whatever comes off “gay.” X-Men has almost had that kind of subtext about discrimination and the scene was clearly also meant to be funny. By the way, the comments about the Superman poster that I was referring to were about this particular poster here, James.

  72. THX5334 says:

    “if Producers weren’t such Ho-s you wouldn;t have any problems finding girls with honor and integrity (and no plastic surgery). stop those Ho-s and you have fewer problems.”
    I totally agree.
    Except the girls I was refering to are usually successful Producers themselves.
    You’d be suprised how the women in this town and industry are total sharks. Man eaters.
    I’ve seen these fly, successful producer girls leave a string of phony Brad Pitt actor wannabe models, huddled on the floor and crying, feeling like a used Amish girl who just gave away her virginity out of wedlock.
    I think I’m still drunk from last night, cuz I rarely drink.
    Good Times.

  73. Lota says:

    i meet people mostly at parties…i guess some of the younger females seem “as bad” as some of the males, but you’d likely be in more contact with it than me. perhaps they think they have to act like that to get ahead, dunno.
    well if you rarely drink you better find out what polaroids, videos and photos you posed for. I am sure you can “find yourself” on the internet. heh heh.
    make sure you don;t have a marriage license in your pocket from Vegas.

  74. If WB were marketing to the gay audience then it didn’t work.

  75. David Poland says:

    Welcome to the horus8. I hope you are actually yourself and not Spam/JWego.
    Please be a little less abusive and stick to the issues. I know not everyone does, but I do like to ask when someone starts with so much smack talk. I’m not sure anything you alluded to actually suggests that Hickenlooper deserves to be slapped on such a personal level.

  76. David Poland says:

    I can’t believe I am really being called on to get into the Superman Returns marketing 7 months later…
    The image of Boswoth and Routh was released later. So was the bullet eye bounce. All in response to the reaction to teh first wave of marketing.

  77. jeffmcm says:

    Could we perhaps compromise by agreeing that the casting was ‘gay’ in the first place (because of Routh conforming to Singer’s preferences – younger-looking and smoother than any previous Superman actor) and the marketing just followed from that?

  78. James Leer says:

    Smoother? Than who?
    Brett Ratner wanted to cast the extremely similar-looking former soap actor Matthew Bomer as Supes. I guarantee that if he had, no one would be bringing up the gay thing…it’s only because of the director’s sexuality that it came up in the first place.

  79. jeffmcm says:

    Maybe Brett Ratner has some secrets that we’re not aware of.

  80. RoyBatty says:

    T. Holly – you brushed up on ME? Still trying to figure out the “wron” part…

  81. David Poland says:

    Has nothing to do with casting a pretty boy as Superman.
    And maybe the word “gay” would have been replaced with “oddly effeminate” if Singer was not a gay director who has infused other films with gay undercurrents.
    But every established director comes with baggage and it never occured to me to call X2 advertising “gay” or “effeminate.” It never occured to me to call Apt Pupil or The Usual Suspects marketing anything like that either. It didn’t occur to me to call Phantom of the Opera ads that because the film is a romantic melodrama. It didn’t occur to me to call Dreamgirls ads that – though I certainly recognize the appeal to gay men – because it is a musical.
    The whole thing was caused by a movie targetting boys not being very (straight) boy friendly in marketing. And the idea that the same issue would not have come up if the film were directed by Warren Beatty and sold like that is false.

  82. T.Holly says:

    Yes, I brushed up on YOU, and then I humped your LEG. But I’ve been gone, not fishing and sushiing fish like MEL (yes, he said that), but been busy resigning and having lots of ANXIETY. All I’ll say, is that I’m going from small screen junk to big. If it hadn’t been for this and EVERY blog, including the good ones I don’t comment on, I’d REALLY be crazy. Employers should include blogging in their BENEFITS package. My new job will be VERY demanding, especially with the fear of WRITERS’ strike setting in. I can’t afford to get caught BLOGGING, so if you find me doing it during working hours, YELL at me.

  83. THX5334 says:

    T. Holly, you may feel free to brush up on me and hump my leg anytime.
    Congrats on your resigning.

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