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Stone Sinks: Oliver Planning to Revisit 9/11

From the “I Can Hardly Fucking Wait” file:

Stone weighing up second 9/11 movie

Fresh from the success of his controversial World Trade Center, Oliver Stone plans to make a second film about the 9/11 attacks. The director revealed in a British Academy of Film and Television Arts lecture last night that the subject matter was too “huge” to cover in one film and that he uncovered countless other tales about the terrorist assault that he now wants to bring to the big screen.

“It [9/11] was huge. I think it’s the basis of another film for me,” Stone told the Bafta audience, according to a news story by the World Entertainment News Network. …

He added that he wants his film to help New Yorkers reclaim 9/11, claiming that the tragedy has now been turned into a political issue. “The media lock on 9/11 must diminish because it has been made a political event,” he inisted. “The reaction was political and we forget there was a physical impact.”

Hell, why not a WTC franchise? A TV spinoff? Because God knows how susceptible we are to forgetting, and it looks like the advance team is already laying the groundwork anyway.
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  1. Filmbrain says:

    Gosh…I just hope Jesus shows up in this one as well!

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