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Reeler Link Dump: Overextended Edition

Wherein your bleary-eyed editor is hauled away in an ambulance, pants shat from dementia while bellowing URL’s and story ideas he never got to this week:
Reeler Pinch Hitter Eric Kohn is finding a nice little zone over at the New York Press, including this week’s cover story on Michel Gondry. However, knowing what we know know about the Press’s sterling editorial reputation, maybe you would rather read the extended dance remix of the profile over on Kohn’s blog. Part reported profile, part critical analysis, part loopy psychotherapy–indeed, like most anything connected to Gondry.
–CHUD’s Devin Faraci passes along an aggrieved dispatch from the Brooklyn set of I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry: “You know your neighborhood is going to hell when Adam Sandler is filming his new movie there.” Of course, it can always be worse; Jodie Foster could come around some morning and hide your car.
–Unsung NYC cinema hero Brian Geldin has a fabulous little resource at MySpace called The Film Panel Notetaker Blog. I kid you not, and thank God: Geldin not only hits up all the film events, speeches and discussions the rest of us are too lazy to attend, but he actually passes along detailed notes of all the important points and exchanges that arise. It’s basically Cliff Notes for Gotham’s film-snob set, and as such, is indispensible–all the more so this week considering his dedicated coverage of the IFP Market. I am in there somewhere, pre-dementia, not that I made any sense then anyway. Read on and enjoy.
–And all of the sudden, around the city, film reviewers are asking their mothers for rides to the dry cleaners: The New York Film Critics Circle Awards dinner is slated for Jan. 7; the voting takes place Dec. 11. Get. Excited.

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