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Mad at 'Marie,' Jumping for 'Joy': Film Blog Comment Chaos

For reasons I shall disclose to you sooner or later, this is going to be a short day for me. In the meantime, I’d like to refer you over to a pair of interesting discussions that should unfold on the blogosphere for a while to come:
–Over at Hollywood Elsewhere, editor Jeffrey Wells has once again laid out his severe distaste for Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, this time using the occasion of Judith Thurman’s piece in the New Yorker to back up his claim that the film is “for the most part despicable.” Having not yet seen it, I will withhold judgment either way, but that is not stopping a lightning storm of commenters from scorching the site with varying degrees of effluvium and opprobium. If you are procrastinating on getting back to work this bright Monday morning, this is another potentially pleasing way to kill some time.
–And over at the AV Club Blog, Scott Tobias asks with modest wonder why the American indie movement is not turning out more microbudget work like Mutual Appreciation and Old Joy. Maybe I am not the best person to ask–I could take or leave either film–but Tobias respondents have some scintillating ideas of their own. And as of this morning, their relative antipathy may surprise you.

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