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"Dream Job," "Arts Reporting" Unironically Paired At Hunter College Panel

OK, so maybe this has something to do with the Reeler Karma I was talking about last week, or maybe, again, it is just the the rich getting richer: Lewis Beale, whose essay last month on cinema’s Jewish babe renaissance is the most popular post ever published on this site, is slated to take part in the paradoxically titled “Dream Jobs: Covering the Arts” panel tonight at 6:30 at Hunter College. Admission is free, and I certainly encourage any young ‘uns out there to drop in.
As an illustrious film journalist and adjunct lecturer in Hunter’s film and media department, Mr. Beale represents the rational grain of salt to his fellow panelists’ benign critical insularity; while Jeremy McCarter (NY Magazine), Pia Catton (NY Sun), Elisabeth Vincentelli (TONY) and Jim Farber (NY Daily News) will all bring warm, encouraging winks for the underclassmen, here is hoping The Professor will keep it real about publicists, editors, journalism school and the enduring power of writing about Semitic starlets. And maybe throw in a note or two about a little New York film blog that would possibly symbolize a dream job if its editor ever slept.
Follow your own dream to the jump, where you will find all the event details.

Dream Jobs: Covering the Arts
Writing about the Arts is an art-form in itself. To do it well you have to know an awful lot about the discipline you are covering and an awful lot about everything else. Our panel of successful writers and editors reveals how their passions for theater, music and visual arts, along with a flair for journalism, have put them in the vanguard. Presented by the Center for Communication.
Jeremy McCarter, theater critic, New York Magazine
Pia Catton, arts editor, New York Sun
Elisabeth Vincentelli, arts & entertainment editor, Time Out New York
Lewis Beale, freelance writer/reporter, general features and entertainment industry coverage, The NY Times, The LA Times, Newsday, Time Out NY and other publications; adjunct lecturer, Dept. Of Film and Media Studies, Hunter College
WHEN: Monday, September 25th, 6:30 to 8:00 pm
WHERE: Hunter College, Lang Recital Hall, 4th Floor (enter on 69th St. between Park and Lexington)
FEE: Free for all

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