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Coming Soon: The Reeler Wanders Off On Its Own

Dear readers,
When I started The Reeler in June 2005, my primary goal was to establish a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about New York City cinema. If you are even a casual reader of this site, you will know that I have a ways to go before achieving that not-quite-modest aim. That said, such ambitions require a healthy curiosity, a bit of insanity and more than few dice rolls, all of which I am set to engage as I prepare to relaunch The Reeler this week as an independent Web site.
Launching Friday, Sept. 29, TheReeler.com will still feature all the bloggy fabulousness you have come to know and love (or at least put up with). Additionally, you will find news features, profiles, reviews, festival information, party coverage and event listings–all settled into their own separate, easy-to-find sections. The focus remains the same: to bring you the latest news and trends from New York film culture, from the DIY world to the city’s biggest premieres. As with everything good in life, it will begin as a work-in-progress, but a challenging, necessary one with only the best of intentions.
As such, it is important that I take a moment to thank David Poland, whose magnanimity and support have provided the basis for much of my professional growth over the last year. Contributing to the discussion at Movie City News has been a profound learning experience for me as a writer and film fan in general, and I continue to be grateful for that opportunity. Thanks also to my MCN colleagues Laura Rooney for her patient technical prowess and to the brilliant Ray Pride for his unceasing encouragement and influence; it has long yielded a tremendous impact on this site.
Of course, I owe my biggest debt of gratitude to you, my faithful readers, who I hope will join me Sept. 29 at TheReeler.com. Thanks a million for keeping me in mind (and in your bookmarks), and I look forward to seeing you again soon. For now, however, I must sign off. This fledgling-media-empire business is exhausting.

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