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Monday Monday…

I don’t know when I will be back at at he computer today… so here is a free-for-all page… have at it…
Here’s Monday’s Hot Button to chew on…

59 Responses to “Monday Monday…”

  1. Tofu says:

    I don’t watch 24.
    You really do owe it to yourself to give it a shot if you haven’t yet.

  2. sky_capitan says:

    I’ll take “Slither” as my favourite new movie of the last 6 months. Slither!

  3. T.H.Ung says:

    Martin A. Grove, “Telluride is unique in not announcing in advance what movies it’s going to show. But given the impact that Telluride screenings are now seen as having on a film’s nominations potential, it seems a safe bet that whatever films are shown will at least wind up getting early awards consideration.” So, what does rumor have it, is going to Telluride?

  4. palmtree says:

    24 and Kiefer really deserved to win. It had its best season and it has had 5 years to demonstrate that it wasn’t just a one-trick concept pony.
    Mr. Poland, has there been any traction on creating a TV section of Movie City?

  5. T.H.Ung says:

    Agreed palmtree, 24 deserved to win, I don’t watch it regularly, can’t stand serialized drama, would watch a sit-com over one anyday. It’s nice the producers thanked the editors, if ever a tv show was dominated by editing — it’s that one, and those 3 guys have it down to such a science, they don’t ever work weekends.

  6. Eric says:

    I’m a fan of 24, too, and while I agree that it’s more than a gimmick, it’s also pretty clear at this point that the drama in it has a pretty rigid formula.

  7. palmtree says:

    “the drama in it has a pretty rigid formula.”
    If you mean the structure of each episode, then yes.
    If you mean what it is able to achieve emotionally, then no.

  8. Eddie says:

    Anyone else disappointed by last night’s Deadwood? It wasn’t bad per se, but since it’s probably the series finale (unless those 2 movies get made..and I’m not holding my breath), there was remarkably little closure.

  9. THX5334 says:

    The Office was also a most deserved win.
    I can’t remember another sit-com in recent memory(if that term even applies since it is a single camera show) that had serialized story lines running through the entire season like a soap or drama. Plenty of comedy shows that had storylines that lasted three or four episodes, but not the whole season.
    I’m sure somebody out there will correct me.
    This show definitley makes my top 20.
    I would’ve been really happy with another win for AD too.

  10. Stella's Boy says:

    The Office is amusing, but at its best I don’t think it is nearly as funny as an average episode of Arrested Development.

  11. Colin says:

    THX, I only watch 3 other sitcoms, but I think 2 have storyline running through the season, or more: Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother (I would also include Entourage and Gilmore Girls if those count as sitcoms).
    And then, there’s My Name is Earl, which doesn’t, but which is great nonetheless. By the way, how does Earl win for best writing and directing, have a nomination for Best Actress, and not even get nominated for Best Comedy Show?

  12. THX5334 says:

    Different styles of comedy and in some ways can’t be compared.
    The only analogy comes to mind is:
    It’s like comparing Star Wars and Star Trek. You can and you can’t. Both shows are set in “Outer Space” and fall under the genre of “Science Fiction” But one is clearly a fantasy and the other focused more on the ‘science’ in Science Fiction.
    Same with The Office and AD. Though I do wish AD was still on. Both fall under the comedy genre but one falls under the subgenre of the ‘absurd’ comedy and the other is more of a satire on culture in the workplace.
    The point about The Office was, they’ve employed narratives that lasted entire seasons, with each episode adding a little more to the story. It’s very serialized.
    I’m not saying they’re breaking new ground, but it is a refreshing change of structure for a TV comedy to employ some of the same narrative devices as a drama; and make it work and keep it funny and poignant.

  13. Pat H. says:

    The Deadwood episode was filmed long before they knew that the show was being cancelled by HBO.

  14. THX5334 says:

    My question is –
    Most shows have a seasonal story arc that carries the viewer through the season. But often there are one off episodes and individual shows that are independant of that story arc.
    Every episode of The Office, like a soap or a serialized drama, would have some story element that would add to the overall story arc.
    Like I said, nothing new, but it felt new in a comedy. Or maybe it isn’t, And I’m just more enamored with their execution of it.
    That being said, by far the funniest thing for me on TV right now is The Venture Bros.
    A Sunny Day in Philidelphia is pretty sweet too.
    I don’t know, to the poster in the other thread who was hating on TV –
    Many of my friends who work in TV and movies and the general consensus among the circles I travel in – feel that creatively – TV is where it’s at.

  15. Stella's Boy says:

    In the few episodes I have seen, I can’t believe how painfully unfunny My Name is Earl is. Don’t get the love for that one.

  16. T.H.Ung says:

    “feel that creatively – TV is where it’s at” only because it’s a writer-producer’s medium, they have all the power. But most people are slumming in tv, waiting for their film to come through, or if not, they wind up feeling like hacks and hating themselves, but loving the money.

  17. Colin says:

    Hmm…THX, I’m still not quite sure about the distinction I’m drawing. I mean, I watch The Office, and I like it a bunch, but I don’t think that in terms of story structure it’s much different than something like How I Met Your Mother. Do you watch and of the show I mentioned, and if so, what would you consider a “one off” episode?
    And Stella’s Boy, different strokes I guess. I think that both the writing and cast on Earl are terrific.

  18. Stella's Boy says:

    True that Colin. I know I’m in the minority too. Speaking of slumming on TV, I hate that Ray Liotta has been reduced to Smith.

  19. Colin says:

    Smith is actually the fall show I’m most anticipating. Ray Liotta, Virginia Madsen, Simon Baker, Amy Smart, Jonny Lee Miller, Shohreh Aghdashloo is a really solid cast, and the Executive Producer is John Wells of ER. The promos make it look like it could be a lot of fun.
    I’m much more depressed about him being in Uwe Boll’s Dungeon Siege movie.

  20. EDouglas says:

    Watching the Emmies reminded me why I’m so glad I write about movies rather than television, because I would seriously be depressed if that’s the best the tube has to offer. (I do like The Office though, I must say.)
    Since this is a free-for-all, I just saw “Saint of 9/11″ which I’m going to go on record to say that it will be one of the five docs nominated for an Oscar at the end of the year, barring the normal weirdness that gets docs excluded from the running.

  21. Stella's Boy says:

    Oh yeah I forgot about that Uwe Boll movie he is in. I think I was blocking it out so thanks a lot. For real though, I don’t think Smart or Baker or Miller are anything special and the show looks tired to me.

  22. Colin says:

    Speaking of Oscar nominated docs, does anyone know if When the Levees Broke will be eligible? I believe it played in a theater in N.O., was then on HBO, and will now be at the Toronto Film Festival.

  23. adorian says:

    I just watched the DVD of “Brick.”
    High School Noir. What a clever concept and screenplay! I recommend it to everyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

  24. Spacesheik says:

    I’m not a tv person (last series I followed was SEINFELD) nevertheless DVD has given a new lease on life to some great shows that I normally wouldn’t have seen on tv: PRISON BREAK, DEADWOOD, HOUSE MD, BOSTON LEGAL, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, ROME — plenty of excellent stuff to watch.
    It’s so great devouring whole seasons within a few days.

  25. Stella's Boy says:

    I agree Spacesheik. This summer I have watched seasons of Rescue Me, Deadwood and The Wire on DVD. Great fun.

  26. THX5334 says:

    You can’t judge the quality of TV by the politics of The Emmy’s and the TV academy.
    There’s so many phenomenal shows out there that were just completely ignored. Example: Battlestar Galactica. Which is essentially “West Wing in Space!” Lurv it.
    Going by that logic, where would Hitchcock be if we judged the quality of movies based on The Oscars?
    History has shown that rarely do the Award shows get it right, and the ones that don’t win, their works tend to have a staying power in the collective consciousness. Hitchcock, Orson, Harry Ford, Scorcese and yes, Lucas are good examples of what I mean.
    I’ve said it before – Generation X and younger smells the corruption in these shows, puts no stock in them and they are a dying breed.
    Just check the ratings.
    Personally, I can’t stand award shows. I could care less if I win one (other than how it might up my payscale) Because it’s never about the work, and always about the politics.
    Conan O’Brian is what got me to Tivo it last night.

  27. djk813 says:

    Oscar doc eligibility rules according to their website are:
    *A 7-day qualifying run in NY or LA
    *8 additional commercial exhibitions (must be for at least 2 consecutive days, must take place in at least 4 different states, festivals and benefits don’t count)
    *No type of television or internet transmission until after 2 months after the qualifying run
    And if it’s eligible, A Lion in the House should win the Best Documentary Oscar.

  28. David Poland says:

    I know most of what is going to Telluride… and I am not going to write about it.
    Telluride only defines the Oscar races in that Luddy & Spence have good taste and the Oscar chasing movies that are going to Toronto go to Telluride first. Nothing is determined there, much as I love the festival.
    What is wonderful – amongst many things – about Telluride is that half the films or more are movies that will get almost no attention anywhere else and there live with films like… uh… not saying…
    One of the things I love about Telluride is reading about all the movies on Thursday night.
    Only idiots break the Telluride news early and they only do it because they are selfish and want to take away the joy from people who are there to prove they know something. To me, it’s one of those, “if you have to break it, you are showing the desperation that means you don’t really know much.”

  29. Aladdin Sane says:

    I thought BRICK was great too…
    If you haven’t checked out VERONICA MARS, then I recommend that you go out and rent both seasons 1+2…high school mysteries. Great acting. The writing is clever, but not in the way that The OC became – which was all too aware of how clever it was and then started sucking…but I digress.
    Anyhow, I finished watching the second season of Veronica yesterday, and hands down I’d say it’s the best drama arc over an entire season that I’ve seen. And that’s saying a lot, since I’m a fan of LOST and 24…always keeps you guessing. Can’t wait for the 3rd season and hopefully CW goes for a full 22 episodes – so far they’ve only committed to 13 I believe…so everyone watch VM! Oct 3!
    (and yes, I’m shamelessly pimping the show)
    Anyhow, glad to see that 24 and Kiefer got their due…it was a stellar season for sure.
    Count me in for someone who wishes that BATTLESTAR GALACTICA would get some loving – another show that I quite enjoy…
    Too bad that Will Arnett couldn’t have tied with Piven, but such is life…
    With the third seasons starting for Veronica, LOST and BSG, I can honestly say that I’m looking more forward to this TV season as much as I am looking forward to the films coming out.

  30. T.H.Ung says:

    I guess I can wail until the 31st. But I won’t not look if someone wants to tell early.
    I’m very interested in the ones that “will get almost no attention anywhere else” except here, I hope.

  31. T.H.Ung says:

    And I just to say Nicole has no right to look this good in a Princess Anne Bed Cover.

  32. Cadavra says:

    Aladdin, CW has committed to a full 22 on VERONICA. I too can’t wait, and how great to be able to watch it back-to-back with GILMORE without the hot-switch overlap.
    David, you really should give 24 a shot. It may be a gimmick show, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t terrific. (And how about a shout-out to David Fury? Last year he was a writer-producer on LOST and it won Best Drama, this year he moves to 24 and it wins. Gotta be something in the water.)

  33. Aladdin Sane says:

    I heard it was 22, with an option to cut it back to 13 depending on ratings…

  34. Josh Massey says:

    I love Netflix – it has really helped me catch a lot of new series. I’ve just started season one of “Rescue Me,” and I am absolutely blown away by how good it is. I’ve only seen seven episodes, but was still pissed that Leary didn’t win last night.

  35. PetalumaFilms says:

    David- todays HOT BUTTON reminded me of what the Martin Landau character said on last nights finale of ENTOURAGE, only backwards. The scene where he quits Hollywood was really heartbreaking. Sorry Tivo-ers, but it’s not really a spoiler.
    Since there’s no *real* topic here, has anyone read THE RUINS by Scott Smith? Holy CRAP! I could NOT put the damned thing down. It’s a gfreat, scary, gory, stressful and suspenseful book. He’s the guy who wrote the novel and (Oscar nominated) screenplay for A SIMPLE PLAN. I highly reccommend THE RUINS for a fun summertime read.

  36. Josh Massey says:

    I’m about 100 pages into “The Ruins” right now. It’s the first book that’s actually truly scared me since “Pet Sematary.” And I read that when I was 14.

  37. PetalumaFilms says:

    It gets grosser, scarier and more fucked up, Josh….just wait….

  38. martin says:

    How about a blog entry on that utterly ridiculous NYT story about stars and box office?

  39. Josh Massey says:

    By the way, guilty admission time… I can’t get enough of that “Snakes on a Plane” theme song, the one that plays over the credits. I actually downloaded the damn thing.
    “Kiss me goodbyyyyyyyye…” It’s f’in infectious.

  40. T.H.Ung says:

    Martin, that’s like 12 hours old, this link is interesting — it’s about how the editing of Idlewild was split up. I hope someone does a feature piece soon on how the rest was done.

  41. Aladdin Sane says:

    In other news, John Karr’s DNA doesn’t match:
    Guess all he really needs is a shrink (and maybe a swift kick to the head).

  42. Pat H. says:

    DP: I loved seeing Jerry Bruckheimer and Brian Grazer taking the stage at the Emmys. Brian is a wacky guy and you can hear a new piece of gossip about him every day, but he is a relentless engine hoping to do good every day of every week of every month or every year. I love that he is fighting, fighting, fighting

  43. jeffmcm says:

    Good call, isn’t there a point at which these guys will have made enough money and can retire and make the world a better place?

  44. Tofu says:

    They have the knowledge that there is yet more money out there in the world. This is what keeps them awake at night. This is what keeps them hungry.

  45. PetalumaFilms says:

    Great news about Karr! Now he can come out to my neck of the woods (Santa Rosa, CA…land of SHADOW OF A DOUBT!) and face his kiddie porn charges! Man, I thought we were through with this shit when Polly Klass was killed….ugh.

  46. Josh:
    I actually saw Cobra Starship’s first show ever. They played the Snakes record release party at the Key Club a few weeks ago. It was like passing a kidney stone.

  47. EDouglas says:

    Oh, God…that song at the end of Snakes is TERRIBLE… I couldn’t believe they put that music video in there. I blame it for Snakes doing so poorly. (Well, we’ve blamed everything else… )

  48. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    The Emmys were the oddest awards ceremony I’ve seen in ages. At least we’re guaranteed one thing next year – a brand new bunch of nominees. I swear half of the nominees in every category were from cancelled shows. The only wins I really liked were The Office (although I would’ve prefered Arrested Development), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (she’s a hoot even if her show is hit-and-miss) and… there was another, but I can’t remember what.
    I got tired of 24 three seasons ago.
    Worst win of the night though was HANDS DOWN without a doubt… TONY SHALHOUB! What the hell are those voters smoking? That schtick was old years ago.
    Gotta agree with David’s spiel about the love of movies. When I see a good movie it just makes me so happy.

  49. EDouglas says:

    Steve Carell was robbed.

  50. Josh Massey says:

    TV is so much better than the movies right now, though. Honestly, this is the real “golden age” of television – never have more quality shows been on at the same time. And I mean serious quality – shows like “Lost,” “Deadwood,” “Rescue Me,” “The Office,” “Arrested Development,” “South Park,” “The Sopranos,” “The Shield” and “Entourage” rival anything being put out in theaters. I saw the pilot for “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” and it looks like that can be added to the list as well.
    And I’m sure there are more; those are just the ones I watch regularly.

  51. T.H.Ung says:

    Josh Massey, there’s truth to what you say, and I’m extremely happy you didn’t mention any procedurals, I hate those, but at least each episode is a self contained story. And KamikazeCamel, your post is equally as sage, was the other thing you can’t remember, Grey’s Anatomy, by any chance, because a lot of people are pissed off, the argument goes something like this: “any bunch of us can write 24, but Grey’s has such a unique voice/point of view, it’s lightning in a bottle.”

  52. oldman says:

    If Dan Synder does to Tom Cruise what he has done to the Washington Redskins; TC’s next movie will be “Snakes on Poisiden”

  53. T.H.Ung says:

    Oldman, what happened to your link?

  54. oldman says:

    I don’t know. I’ll try to figure out what happened.

  55. Cadavra says:

    “Grey’s has such a unique voice/point of view, it’s lightning in a bottle.”
    Actually, it’s more like THE INTERNS and THE NEW INTERNS and any other movie or TV series where newcomers face Big Crises all day and schtup each other all night. (Even SCRUBS kind of falls into that category.) GREY’S is an okay show, but unique? Gaack.

  56. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    I looove Grey’s but I wouldn’t say it’s anything special like, say, Veronica Mars. It’s just a fun delightfully written and acted show.
    But grey’s obviously wasn’t the thing I couldn’t remember because it didn’t actually win anything.

  57. Spacesheik says:

    I agree, television/cable is going through some ‘golden age’ now. I just keep amassing and viewing DVD boxed sets of a lot of great shows: ROME, DEADWOOD etc – but it’s not just the series’ plots or writing, it’s the characterization and boldness in casting – that could never occur in the “young demographic” mentality of the studios.
    Ian Mcshane – terrific actor, brilliant as Al Swearangen, a complex, unscrupulous character, he dominates every scene he’s in.
    You’ll never see him get a starring role at the movies.
    Hugh Laurie – plays “House” from HOUSE MD, beautifully, terrifically talented persona, giving lots of layers to what is otherwise an arsehole of a doctor. Last thing I saw him in at the movies was a supporting role as a stiff businessman in FLIGHT FO THE PHOENIX.
    James Gandolfini – Need I say more? Where are the movie roles? Last thing I daw him in was THE LAST CASTLE.
    Keifer Sutherland deserves better than THE SENTINEL.
    I could go on and on. These days I find television/cable actors of a much higher calibre than their movie counterparts.

  58. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    I just wish Australia got all these shows. When we do they’re either on pay tv or are screened at the worst possible times.
    In fact, television is downright awful at the moment here. Quite a lot of the time there is absolutely nothing to watch from before, like, 10pm.

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