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Larry Clark's latest Kid: There's no mystery

Larry Clark is used to his work shocking other people,” Stephen Applebaum writes in the Guardian about Impaled, the photographer-director’s documentary contribution to Destricted, which auditions teen boys for a hookup with a fortysomething porn star. 221294296_09d442553d_m.jpgHere’s how Clark describes the sexual oddities of his young wannabes: “There’s no mystery. You fuck, you pull out, and you come on the girl – that’s the way to have sex. It’s shocking to me. I had no idea, I swear to God. But it makes sense,” he reflects. “If kids see that they think that’s the way to do it.” Consequently, anal intercourse is also high-up on their sexual desiderata, especially [his star’s]. However, accidents will happen, and poor Daniel’s fantasy turns into something resembling a porno blooper reel. … “While Clark’s critics frequently accuse him of exploitation, he regards himself as a truth teller. Impaled is art, not pornography, he argues, “because I’m an artist and I made it and it works”. [Photo © Leah Missbach Day.]

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What about replacing Mr. Spacey with another actor? Mr. Plummer, perhaps.
“That would theoretically be fantastic,” Mr. Rothman said he responded. “But I have supervised 450 movies over the course of my career. And what you are saying is impossible. There is not enough time.”
~ Publicizing Sir Ridley’s Deadline Dash

“Would I like to see Wormwood in a theater on a big screen? You betcha. I’d be disingenuous to argue otherwise. But we’re all part of, like it or not, an industry, and what Netflix offers is an opportunity to do different kinds of films in different ways. Maybe part of what is being sacrificed is that they no longer go into theaters. If the choice is between not doing it at all and having it not go to theaters, it’s an easy choice to make.”
~ Errol Morris