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Friday Estimates by Klady – 8/26/06

A fairly ugly weekend heating up

14 Responses to “Friday Estimates by Klady – 8/26/06”

  1. martin says:

    Snakes on a Plane held up well… not.
    Interesting because even if Snakes had opened big, lets say 25 mill, this huge dropoff was always in the cards, so a domestic max of $40-50 mill was unavoidable. Now it looks like it will barely break $30.
    Overall a very slooooow weekend. Invincible opened within expectations, it also seems like it will have decent legs, perhaps finishing up with about $50.

  2. Joe Leydon says:

    Considering “Idlewild” is playing in fewer theaters than any other Top Ten film — yes, even fewer than “Sunshine” — $2.1 million isn’t exactly sucky, is it?

  3. blythecummings says:

    “$2.1 million isn’t exactly sucky, is it?”
    No, but too bad the movie is.
    Good to see BEERFEST rightfully failing. What an awful film.

  4. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    Ouch! From #1 to as low as #9 the next. Is that a record? Surely it is.
    But, yeah, fairly unexciting weekend at the box-office.

  5. EDouglas says:

    “Ouch! From #1 to as low as #9 the next. Is that a record? Surely it is.”
    Couldn’t find anything that went from #1 to 9… but Star Trek Nemesis went from #2 to 8 with a 76% 2nd weekend drop. Snakes won’t have that big a percentage drop but having 4 new movies opening didn’t help… still that’s very bad and there’s little chance of it recovering at this point. It’s destined for DVD cult classicdom. The “media” have done their duty of taking down “the internet.” They really should have released this in June in one of the weeks before Superman. Or released it in the winter/spring. Much worse movies do much better in that period.

  6. EDouglas says:

    From the reports I’ve seen from theatre managers, we’re probably going to see a shake-up in the order from Friday to the weekend… I wouldn’t be surprised if Little Miss Sunshine ends up 3rd for the weekend and Snakes ends up higher when all is said and done.

  7. Spacesheik says:

    “Star Trek Nemesis went from #2 to 8 with a 76% 2nd weekend drop.”
    Ouch. It truly is dead, Jim. Thanks Rick Berman for defecating on a once vibrant franchise.
    As for BEERFEST, maybe it shoulda been released around spring break. I don’t get the August opening.

  8. Filipe says:

    John Carpeneter’s Vampires went from #1 to #8. It’s the largest drop I can think of.

  9. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    dayumn! That had to hurt…
    Wouldn’t the Broken Lizard movies work in January when there’s nothing out except horror movies for teens? I mean, there has been some awful crap making money in January.

  10. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    Douglas, I would expect there to be some changes considering how close those Friday numbers were. We can only hope that Little Miss Sunshine gets as high as #3

  11. T.H.Ung says:

    Ah Blythe, such a scourge, had a perfectly good time at Idlewild, I’d hate to have waited for the small screen, it’s wildly inventive and satisfying using digital intermediate art happiness to bring viz effects to life without choking the movie to within an inch of its life.
    Hope that didn’t contain any hyperbole.
    DP, thanks for pointing out the Shortbus, One To Another and Severance trailers. schweet

  12. Paul8148 says:

    Box Office Mojo has LMS up to thrid of the weekend with 7.5 million. It sunday once again outplacing it friday number. My guess is it will reach second next 4 day weekend. I mean Wicken Man is the biggest opening, and I do not see it cracking the top 3.

  13. anghus says:

    going into the wayback machine…
    i remember Mobsters opening up at #2, then falling out of the top 10 alltogether one week later.

  14. kickballchamp says:

    Dude, Invincible was great. It was great story, whether you’re a die-hard Eagles fan or not. It didn’t fall into the typical pitfalls of many films within its genre, but I still left wanting to jump up down in the theaters.
    It was also great to see Kinnear killing it in two films, playing SUCH differnt roles. He is one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood.

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