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Logo A Go Go


14 Responses to “Logo A Go Go”

  1. prideray says:

    That looks like something a child could have done with a Dymo labelmaker! (Or a grown-up with a nice job.)

  2. jeffmcm says:

    The Paramount Classics gates were, appropriately, classy. This is lame. Shouldn’t ‘Vantage’ actually be used like it means something, like a view from the top of their peak?

  3. Fox Searchlight looks to be the only dependent without an “indie-ish” logo. Focus has that minimal blue and yellow thing, WIP has the simple black and red logo, sony classics is the epitomy of minimal, vantage has this. Meanwhile Searchlight looks like a full blow studio unto itself.

  4. wholovesya says:

    So 1994. Their first “bad” move.

  5. Jeremy Smith says:

    Well, it was apparently between this and goatse. I’m not sure they chose wisely.

  6. palmtree says:

    I’m not a graphic designer, but I think some color would have made this way better. The lettering is pretty grungy but then the light source and black background feel very sterile. Just contradicts itself visually.

  7. jeffmcm says:

    What’s ‘goatse’?

  8. Sharpel007 says:

    Being a design student, i would guess there going more for indie film can label, but to me great simplicity is the WI logo, not simple but cool is the Focus intro, which seems like something the Eames would design

  9. prideray says:

    You do not wish to know about goatse and you do not wish to google it. You have been warned!

  10. wolfgang says:

    Jeff, you can go to and look up goatse. That’s the safest way, if you are that curious.

  11. jeffmcm says:

    I did google it before and got the gist. I’m lazy, but the internet was made for lazy people.

  12. Josh Massey says:

    At least it wasn’t “tubgirl.”

  13. ployp says:

    Ok, got what goatse and tubgirl means. Who makes these things??

  14. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    Thing is, I get what they’re going for and if it were a smaller indie group it would be actually quite great, but Paramount Vantage should be a bit more upscale than this. This would be a decent design for groups like Strand or Magnolia or whatever, but Paramount Vantage, no.
    Only advantage is that they can use this logo on their posters, easily.

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