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Very Amusing

So I’m reading the Guardian story on Bryan Singer and there is a quote from “some online bloggers” who felt the 1-sheet read as gay and the quote seemed awfully familiar.
“Some online bloggers, then still to see the film, were not convinced: “Gay director, gay outfit, gay Superman, and now GAY POSTER!” wrote one. “What teenage boy wants to see the movie attached to this poster?” jeered another.”
One Google later, I had the answer… “TheManWho,” who ironically was telling me just a day ago how out of touch I was with the mainstream, provided both quotes in one comment in the “Must Be A Full Moon” entry on May 17, 2006 01:21 AM
The full quote is, “It’s an incredibly homoerotic subtext. What are WB thinking with this film? Folks have been going on about the heavy gay overtunes from the stills of this film for MONTHS now. True–it might only be the small internet audience. Nevertheless, this only heightens the whole “Gay director, gay outfit, gay Superman, and now GAY POSTER!” cheer from all over the net. Poland pretty much nailed it. What teenage boy wants to see the movie attached to this poster?”
I want to add, again, that the “gay Superman” issue in this blog and in my writing was never about the idea that Superman would be a gay character. It was always about the advertising and the lack of edge, which as I keep reminding people, I felt WB turned the corner on – as regarded appealing to young men – a few weeks ago.

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19 Responses to “Very Amusing”

  1. Aladdin Sane says:

    I recognized the quote too. That’s pretty funny.
    Out of curiosity, what is the daily site traffic for just this blog? Are those of us that post only representing a small faction of people reading?

  2. kojled says:

    yeah, when i was a kid superman was all ‘i’ll save the day and stop the bad guy’. that may be old fashioned, but today, this superman is all ‘how do i feel about that’. at least that’s the way the campaign plays.
    ‘gay’ may be a bit too convenient a term, but it’s certainly ‘touchy-feely’ for a superhero movie. this movie could be called ‘superguy’.

  3. jeffmcm says:

    I’m torn here, because while I agree with Poland about the basic issues and the fact that TheManWho goes overboard more often than not, I don’t think it’s a good idea for DP to, apparently, make fun of his bloggers by singling them out, front-and-center, for all to see. What benefit does this serve except humiliation?

  4. EDouglas says:

    I never felt that the poster was “gay” and I thought a lot of that was people imprinting Bryan Singer’s sexuality onto the movie he made, which is bullshit, considering how few people had actually seen the mvoie. The poster did seems to show Superman as a softer hero, because he was just hanging there in space rather than seeing him in action, stopping a locomotive or a bullet. I think the media was more detrimental to the movie than the actual marketing, since I’m not sure anyone would have read “gay” into that poster unless it was thrown around everyone online (including here).
    Incidentally, the damage has probably already been done. I’m hearing early reports of it making around $18 million yesterday, which would point to a weekend under $60 million… not Batman/King Kong bad, but bad nonetheless. It’s really going to have to make up the difference internationally, though I don’t think that will be a problem… they liked Da Vinci Code after all. 🙂

  5. Josh Massey says:

    Ya gotta pay to play, Jeff. If we can rail against him for something he wrote, he should be able to do the same.
    And are commenters really “bloggers,” by the way? I was never sure of that.

  6. Blackcloud says:

    “It was always about the advertising and the lack of edge, which as I keep reminding people, I felt WB turned the corner on – as regarded appealing to young men – a few weeks ago.”
    Great, now all they have to do is turn the corner regarding everyone else.

  7. Blackcloud says:

    I think you’ve already lost the debate if you’re defending the movie as “the most heterosexual” you’ve ever made. Because you’re arguing on your opponents’ terms, not yours. But maybe that’s just me.

  8. TheManWho says:


  9. TheManWho says:

    Jeff, he can single me out all he wants. Poland, I have found you to be out of touch recently. It’s no big deal. September will arrive, you will head to Toronto, and get your groove back. That might be a bit presumptious of me, but I am throwing it out there anyway.
    While I find being misquoted by the GUARDIAN too damn funny. I am at a loss at how the GUARDIAN has a reporter that cannot tell the difference between what’s ME and what’s other PEOPLE’S OPINIONS that I am referencing in that post. Since, clearly, I used quotes around that part of my post, because I was referencing the “SUPERMAN IS GAY” fervor at the time. If anything, the Guardian, really needs to rethink those people who visit blogs looking for FAIN OUTRAGE. Especially when the OUTRAGE was an overly dramatic rif on those freaking out about SUPERMAN BEING GAY at that time.
    Yes, Superman Returns featured some rather homoerotic images and a poster. However, maybe, the BULGES had the desired effect on the audience they were going after. Who were not heterosexual teen boys.

  10. martin says:

    jeff, you’re being way over sensitive if you think that singling out a pseudonym on a blog is wrong in any way. By writing here, you’re putting your comments in the public eye for better or worse. And with the use of pseudonyms, you’re completely anonymous.

  11. Wrecktum says:

    The Guardian writer is being disingenuous:
    “Some online bloggers, then still to see the film, were not convinced: “Gay director, gay outfit, gay Superman, and now GAY POSTER!” wrote one. “What teenage boy wants to see the movie attached to this poster?” jeered another.”
    He makes it seem like the online community was in an uproar. But it was only one comment by one anonymous poster who made both statements. Pretty lazy reporting, if you ask me.

  12. David Poland says:

    For the record, I didn’t feel the shout out was in any way negative about TheManWho… or I wouldn’t have done it.
    On the flip side, I think THW is trying to pull a bit of revisionist history now. Nothing wrong with changing your mind, THW, but your post was clearly taking the side that the ads were running gay… no indication of sarcasm there. You seem to have liked the movie, but that doesn’t change the way the ads were.
    As for me being out of touch… you’re right… I seem to have overestimated the appeal of Superman Returns.

  13. David Poland says:

    And Wreck… the gay conversation was all over the web. And on the cover of The Advocate.
    That’s why a month after it got hot, there was an LA Times story that missed the point. All the ducks were in order.

  14. David Poland says:

    Btw… another quote from TMW in the same entry:
    “On the Batman Begins Two-Disc DVD, there is a poster gallery with posters that put the FINAL Batman Begins poster to shame. I wonder, if this film, will also have countless better posters. That the WB decided to go against for this piece titled; “NUTSACK FROM THE HEAVENS WITH FLORIDIAN SCHWANTZ IN THE DISTANCE.” Nevertheless, it’s just a crap poster. It might establish the theme of the film but gayness or no gayness–this poster fails on every level.”
    Can’t believe they didn’t quote that.
    The only objections I have to the Guardian pulls are, 1) Commenters on a blog are not bloggers… well, maybe, kinda and 2) suggesting the quotes came from two different people is iffy. Espeailly with so many comments to choose from.

  15. TheManWho says:

    Poland, you really, have the worst nickname giving abilities. Unless you were using a blackberry, and the THW was a bit of business. The following might not be warranted, that has never stopped me before. Nevertheless, from hence forward, Golide Lookin Chain it is, and I am not revising history. Due to TYPEKEY SUCKING, I had to write that post a couple of times, but I will reiterate for you–Goldie Lookin Chain. I still believe that the final poster and the early images had a high level of homoeroticism to them. However, in retrospect to the movie, they make perfect sense (Thanx for pointing that I figured this out in May, Poland.). It would seem the folks at Warners wanted a more direct ad campaig, that oddly enough had a lot of homoeroticism throughout it. Even if, again, the posters and the images fit perfectly in regard to the film they are hyping.
    Still, after thinking about this some more, I have a hard time with being misquoted in an article, that clearly was written by a person who lacked the ability to denote a change in VOICE in that post. Not only that, but my quote was used as if I saw the film. When, clearly, I had not. To whomever from the Guardian used my words in the wrong context, to be blunt, nah. You arent worth my insults. Since you, as a reporter for a much ballyhooed and respected ENGLISH NEWSPAPER cannot be counted on to report even entertainment news correctly (Do not even get me started on the possibility of you saying that to Singer). You and your rag, then, are nothing more than those entertainment hacks Goldie Lookin Chain rails against (rightfully so) all the damn time.
    Finally, Goldie Lookin Chain, you did not overestimate the appeal of Superman Returns. From your own words the next post over; you have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE what this film is about. The way you discuss THE AMERICAN WAY and Richard White, represents this in spade. The AMERICAN way has no reason to be there. Since the AMERICAN WAY should be about doing, more so than a catchphrase. That you and others that are FAINING OUTRAGE ABOUT THIS, seemingly miss that Perry White says it, and not Superman. Well, never let a little thing like WHAT HAPPENS IN THE MOVIE slow your outrage down. In this century, the American way should not be some forced proclamation on the cover of some rag in a film. It should be what Supes represents in that film more than anything else. Which seems to be; wherever you are…I am always around to help. Is there anything more AMERICAN than that?
    With Richard White, he will be the adopted father to Jason, as Jonathan was the adopted father to Kal-El. A good man, who will instill values in his son, that will lead to him being a great man. It’s not like this stuff is rocket science, but it’s easy to miss from certain points of view. The point of this film is totally lost on you and others. No big deal really, it’s rather difficult to ever get a consensus, even on Superman. However, one cannot overestimate anything. When one does not get what’s being overestimated in the first place.

  16. mysteryperfecta says:

    Got to love that first paragraph:
    “Never has American public morale been so low. More than 2,500 US soldiers have died in Iraq, and support for the war is waning as fast as that for the least popular president in decades.”
    Geez, is it a requirement that the Guardian includes anti-war talking points in every article?

  17. Blackcloud says:

    That is a rhetorical question, right?

  18. frankbooth says:

    Okay, ManWho, I’ll bite. In what way does Dave resemble a Brit novelty rap act?

  19. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    I think we’ve all pondered that over the years. It’s basically as powerful a question as ‘What is the meaning of life?’

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