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The Basis For Superman 4.0:Superfamily United?


9 Responses to “The Basis For Superman 4.0:Superfamily United?”

  1. RoyBatty says:

    DP – first feel free to delete this post, as it is OT. However, I did not see a link for e-mail addy on the blog page.
    Have you seen Falwell’s comments that in order to be successfull in Hollywood you must be homosexual? If anything screams “Start a new thread” it’s this latest idiotic announcement from the Rev.
    At last, I understand why I have yet to achieve success out here. It has nothing to do with the fact I haven’t written a new script in years – it’s because I don’t smoke cock.
    And here I was thinking just being a regular type sex pervert would get me in….

  2. RoyBatty says:

    Then again, considering all the “How gay is SUPERMAN RETURNS” chatter, perhaps it is a little more on topic than I first thought.

  3. JckNapier2 says:

    The best Superdickery entry involves the cover in which Superman and Batman talk about discovering a time machine. The caption makes perfect arguments about what could be done about such a time machine. It’s worth looking for.
    Scott Mendelson

  4. jeffmcm says:

    Speaking of gay, I liked the one where Superman emanated rainbows from his hands.

  5. anghus says:

    i love that site.
    in the movie when superman throws the ball like 8 miles, and the dog stops and whines, i thought it was an homage to the site.
    Superman really is a dick.

  6. Lota says:

    heh heh. Gives me confidence for Never liking superman comics and always opting for Iron man.
    When I looked at superdick 4, my first impression was Katie Holmes was Lois, Tom Cruise was Superman, and Titanman was “insert manly-but-disturbed A lister who wants to marry katie Holmes…and is wearing mask to hide botched plastic surgery”
    ha ha. move on up there Katie.

  7. Aladdin Sane says:
    Now that’s classic.

  8. Josh Massey says:

    Falwell was right – homosexuality is a slippery slope that directly leads to bestiality!

  9. JckNapier2 says:

    Still my favorite…
    Scott Mendelson

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