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Eight Reasons to Never Marry Harrison Ford

While neither Harrison Ford nor the recent trend in fake movie trailers elicit much from me besides a long yawn, The Reeler has featured an appropriate dash of both in the past. Now, however, New York filmmakers Steven Santos and Marcos Levy have finally joined these twin epidemics of poor taste in a short film that is both amusing and revealing.
Needless to say, Calista Flockhart is sharpening her self-defense techniques as we speak.
(Photo: The Onion)

2 Responses to “Eight Reasons to Never Marry Harrison Ford”

  1. Jason Okamoto says:

    What’s going on with Cannes? Keep me updated! Thanks.
    – Jason Okamoto

  2. Kangni Dossey says:

    Sans commentaire c’est tout simplement formidable;
    Je veux une documentation un vcd par exemple

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