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Not So Indie Spirit

The winners?
Sony Classics

11 Responses to “Not So Indie Spirit”

  1. Josh says:

    Can we write the eulogy for Crash yet?

  2. joefitz84 says:

    I am very surprised at the lack of best feature or anything else besides actor for Hustle and Flow.

  3. Josh says:

    Hustle and Flow. The most overrated movie of the year.

  4. Sanchez says:

    Terence Howard deserves an Oscar nom for that. No doubt in my mind.

  5. joefitz84 says:

    I expected at least some nods for Hustle and Flow just based on rep and the fact that it might be the best independent movie of the year. To shut it out almost completely is a big story.

  6. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    i made my comments over at the awards blog.
    Still, these awards are quite possibly some of the most pointless out there. So easy to not give a crap about, to be honest.

  7. bicycle bob says:

    pointless to u maybe. but not to the filmmakers and the producers. this is their chance at some glory and maybe at some academy momentum. small yes. inconsequential? no.

  8. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    Oh, for the films such as You & Me…, Nine Lives, etc I’m sure it is valuable. But a lot of the film’s they are allowing some glory will indeed be finding glory at many other awards shows.
    And what about the people who deserve glory in the areas of sound? editing? effects? animation even. they have a cinematography category category for some random reason yet no other technical ones.

  9. bicycle bob says:

    well i can’t defend them not having more categories. but awards like this do reward peoples hard work and get the films known. a hot streak and a few wins at shows like this and then some oscar buzz gets started. all part of the game.

  10. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    Let me guess which films win in the main categories. Capote, Brokeback, GN&GL. Just a hunch on that one.

  11. Chucky in Jersey says:

    “Asylum” was good in its way. It came out in August and thus should have been in more theaters, but its US release was by Par Classics, thus no national release.
    Par Classics got what it deserved on “Mad Hot Ballroom”: No mainstream bookings, thus little audience, thus no end-of-year attention.
    The Weinstein Company must have bought its awards. Looks like they used the money saved by keeping ads out of the Village Voice.

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