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Funny What Gets Us Excited This Time Of Year…

Over the weekend, BFCA members got a note from The Angellotti Company explaining tha we won’t be getting Munich, King Kong, or The Producers screeners until after release. And this:
“Universal wishes to convey that there will be no press conference with Steven Spielberg of anyone attached to MUNICH as there will be no junket for the film. No other press group will receive an opportunity to interview the cast or filmmakers until much closer to the film’s release on December 23.
Also, we have just been informed that, sadly, Mel brooks will not participate in THE PRODUCERS junket in New York. Mr. Brooks will not be available to any other group or journalists either.”

Never occured to me that Spielberg not junketing Munich was news… since we all knew this was the case since early October. In fact, there was talk amongst his production team about actually releasing the film with no trailer, no poster and no screenings until the first public screening. That idea didn’t even get into meetings at Universal.
The history is that Spielberg doesn’t test screen and tends to say “no junket” until at the last minute they decide there might not be enough buzz and they throw something together. Spielberg had Tom Hanks dump a lot of media obligations to reshoot the ending of The Terminal less than two weeks before release. For a long time, there was to be no junket for Saving Private Ryan. And I wouldn’t be shocked if a small junket suddenly comes together either right before X-Mas or right after New Years.
Steven does what Steven wants to do. Period.
Anyway… if this is news, I guess Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh’s decision not to come to L.A. at all to promote Kong is news. Old news.
Meanwhile, Tom O’Neil is crowing about George Clooney moving to Supporting Actor for Syriana… where they obviously hope he can movie star his way to a nomination in what is the leading role in the film. Good luck to them. To me… still not news.

11 Responses to “Funny What Gets Us Excited This Time Of Year…”

  1. Scooba Steve says:

    “Munich” not having any Oscar campaign is very much news to me.
    Spielberg is finally seeing the bigger picture here… that his movies are more important than the Academy Awards.

  2. jeffmcm says:

    I never heard that story about The Terminal before. That may explain why the ending is so underwhelming.

  3. Nicol D says:

    It would be a great thing if more and more people of Spielberg’s calibre quit campaigning for Oscars. No ads…no nothing. Then more would catch on and the Oscars would begin to mean something again.

  4. Crow T Robot says:

    Well put Nicol.
    And after his (legendary?) cameo in “Austin Powers Goldmember” how could Mr. Spielberg ever take winning another Oscar that seriously again?
    That shit was heart attack funny.

  5. EDouglas says:

    At the War of the Worlds junket earlier this year, I arrived in the morning to be told that Steven Spielberg wouldn’t be there since he went home after doing the TV interviews…later in the day, when everyone showed up for the ridiculously overcrowded press conference with Cruise, sure enough there were two chairs there and Spielberg did show up.

  6. PandaBear says:

    Munich doesn’t need a campaign at this point since it has been annointed leader.

  7. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    This is news to me as well. Well, I heard about it a few days ago, not months.
    But it could be said that it won’t remain the leader if they don’t even publicise for it. The Academy could take it to mean that he doesn’t want any awards. He already has a bunch, so why give it to somebody who doesn’t want it.
    Similar to Woody Allen, except he’s been absent for ages, they’ll probably WANT to reward him.

  8. joefitz84 says:

    If it is as good as they say it is they won’t need to dump a lot of money into advertising for it for awards. What else is there for awards?

  9. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    As good as who says? Nobody’s bloody well seen it.

  10. martin says:

    kathleen kennedy says it’s great. she didn’t say that about war of the world, so she must be telling the truth. right?

  11. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    Er… that’s one person.

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