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Hold It Right There!

There are few dealmakers smarter than David Geffen. Even as a man with great taste acting as an impresario over the years, it has been his skill at the negotiating table (and away from it) that has made him a billionaire.
And here, in the Universal deal, we see his skill as a Texas Hold

5 Responses to “Hold It Right There!”

  1. Mark Ziegler says:

    I honestly thought Dreamworks would become a powerhouse. A force. Hasn’t happend.

  2. PandaBear says:

    I think Spielberg alone is worth the price to pay for it. It’s like getting Michael Jordan in his prime. You have to go for it.

  3. joefitz84 says:

    No way SS screws his own movie for some business deal. That is not his style.

  4. Sanchez says:

    A billion, 700 mill, chump change!

  5. bicycle bob says:

    spielberg holds all the cards. he can really make or break any deal right now.

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