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Can You Discuss Violence Seriously & Show It At the Same Time?

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17 Responses to “Can You Discuss Violence Seriously & Show It At the Same Time?”

  1. Angelus21 says:

    Violence is a part of life. You can definately talk about it and show it.

  2. Joe Leydon says:

    Francois Truffaut once stated that he genuinely believed there could never really be an anti-war film, because as soon as you film something — like violence — you somehow, by the very act of chosing to film it, indicate approval of it. I don’t entirely agree, but there IS a very fine line between responsible dramatization and inadvertent (or deliberate) exploitation.

  3. Angelus21 says:

    Look at video games. Some of those new ones are ridiculous. Shooting cops? Pimping out ho’s? Fun to play? Sure. But responsible? No.

  4. jeffmcm says:

    To elaborate on Mr. Leydon said, the more elaborate violence in an anti-violence movie like Fight Club or Clockwork Orange or Saving Private Ryan, the more thrilling the artistry is and therefore the experience becomes enjoyable. It’s a bizarre paradox but I still believe that a depiction of something horrible can hold more value than to avoid the debate altogether.

  5. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    Aww, you mentioned one of my all-time faves, All That Jazz.
    I am happy now.
    What do people expect? A movie about violence that just has people sitting around discussing violence?
    …? Man, that’d be thrilling, non?

  6. Bruce says:

    Who doesn’t want to see some all out violence sometimes? That’s what movies are. Escapism. And sometimes a violent movie is enjoyable to watch. I am old enough not to want to see a message when I see something.

  7. jeffmcm says:

    So the question of whether movies should confront an issue is irrelevant to Bruce?
    I think that ‘messages’ as you put it are equally repellent no matter your age. Unless you’re really old, on the verge of death.

  8. Bruce says:

    Jeffrey all issues are irrelevant to me. I just want to be entertained. I don’t need to be preached at by filmmakers that don’t have half a clue what they’re talking about anyway. Unless you count violence as being Dungeons and Dragons.

  9. jeffmcm says:

    Cool! Good to know. Someone will be in to rape your wife and burn your house later today.

  10. Josh says:

    If we didn’t have liberal laws we wouldn’t have to worry about rapists and murderers and child molestors and gangs. But you can always rehabilitate these people right, jeff???? They deserve six, seven, eight chances at life. Open your hearts.

  11. jeffmcm says:

    Huh? All I know is, Bruce is complacent. Don’t bother him.

  12. Mark Ziegler says:

    Jeff wants to rape women and burn down houses. Thats Liberal compassion.

  13. jeffmcm says:

    Yes. That is exactly what I meant.

  14. Mark Ziegler says:

    This is what happens when you don’t have faith and values. You end up like Jeff here.

  15. jeffmcm says:

    I have faith in you, Mark. You never disappoint.

  16. joefitz84 says:

    Watch out, Mark. He may try to rape you and then blame “society”.

  17. Sanchez says:

    Jeff is known to like long distance shots because hes too scared to get in close and get the kill. He’s yellow.

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