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By David Poland

Sometimes A Banana Is Just A Banana

Yes, there is something that smells odd about Scott Stuber & Mary Parent announcing their exit from Co-Chair slots at Universal only seventeen months after taking the job. Even after all the pretty-much-what-the-release-said stories ran yesterday, people are still rumbling, looking for a

17 Responses to “Sometimes A Banana Is Just A Banana”

  1. bicycle bob says:

    imagine should be able to write their own ticket

  2. Spam Dooley says:

    Spam Master here
    Sorry David, you just need to ask me for the 411 and I will provide to you always free of charge.
    Mary and Scott wanted Stacy Snider’s job.
    Stacy is not going everywhere.
    Here they get to work less, sit down and still maybe be there when she is finished.
    It really IS that simple.
    Exclusivity is not as rare as you suggest.
    95% of us her at Fox are exclusive.
    You get a little more.. and they GIVE you movies if you are lucky…but it is not rare.
    I am Spam Dooely and I FEED my people.

  3. Mark says:

    Who would have thought that the Know it All would pipe up here??? I am truly in shock.

  4. Spam Dooley says:

    KnowNothings are often shocked when confronted by knowledge from their betters.
    I am Spam Dooley and I feed my people.

  5. jeffrey boam's doctor says:

    Dave – just saw your b/o predictions. Are you serious?
    Domino $107m [70]
    The Wedding Crashers $105m [130]
    Kicking & Screaming $101m [70]
    The Bad News Bears $100m [85]
    The Island $90m [115]
    Mr. and Mrs. Smith $89m [125]
    Kingdom Of Heaven $87m [105]
    Dark Water $83m [45]
    Fantastic Four $80m [90]
    The Adventures of Shark Boy $78m [100]
    Monster In Law $65m [80]
    Red Eye $63m [30]
    The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Universe $48m [70]

  6. FromTheTeethOfAngels says:

    Not sure about that one, Dave. I think there was too many cooks in the kitchen at Uni. Stacy and Ron just wanted to consolidate.

  7. The Interpreter says:

    I don’t buy the spin, not for one minute. Give me a break! This is what I call the 7 Year Switch. Let’s announce a promotion and then after 18 months, pull the plug and convert them to 5-year term lot producers. Please. They wanted out or they were fired, either way, it’s Six Sigma Stigma. Fact is aside from Fockers and Bourne, their slate last year was troubled and thin, and Van Helsing and Chronicles of Riddick left a lot of people in the Black Tower scratching their heads and watching their back. This year, they’ve got the $220M + Kong and Kicking and Screaming. After that, it’s hopes are spread around older skewing films like Interpreter (yawn) and Cinderella Man, a few teen flicks and really not that much else to boast about. As for the “exclusive” deal, I’d stay too if I had a super rich production pact with guaranteed funding and a commitment with put pictures. Apparently that’s what it takes — especially after your bosses have embarassed you by shutting down your big, high profile film about to go into production. Maybe there was a flirtation with Paramount. But Wright, wRONg and Stacey would never let them out of their contract.. Instead, they are keeping their “talent” in the company fold and forcing them to stick to their deal. Beats letting them go and potentially causing an embarassment should they produce a hit elsewhere.

  8. Arash Khan says:

    Scott Stuber enjoyed the casting couch too much. Michael De luca told him to slow down or he will be embarassed like De Luca was at the infamous Oscar party years ago. So instead of major scandal breaking out regarding the casting couch, Stuber and the 3 Blonde twins so “tried” to get roles in American Pie 4, Stuber became a producer where having auditions on the leather sofa is just as normal as lunch at Le Dome.

  9. David Poland says:

    Well Spam, why ask if I already had it right?

  10. Spam Dooley says:

    Davey- Huh? Where do you say they wanted Snider’s job? Oh , right! You don’t.
    Arash- how true! Why don’t you reveal that word is that the closeted Travolta’s second child with Kelly Preston is actually Scott’s? FOR LOVE OF THE GAME indeed!
    I am Spam Dooley and I feed my people!

  11. bicycle bob says:

    spammer was that an apology to david??? ur learning, little guy.

  12. Spam Dooley says:

    How was that an apology?
    He was wrong!
    I am… oh bite me.

  13. SoylentGreen says:

    Bite you? Geez, is THAT how you feed your people?

  14. Angelus says:

    Way to be a man Spam and apologize. Good boy.

  15. Spam Dooley says:

    Calling a black man a “boy” is beneath everyone except bicycle boob.
    Shame on you and your racist ways.
    I am Spam Dooley and I FEEEEED my people!

  16. L&DB says:

    Yes Spam, but that’s the ANGELUS from AOL! He’s
    like has ANGELUS, at AOL! That just mind boggles
    me as a Buffy/Angel fan. However, dont be calling
    people boy! How about fella? Maybe dude?
    I am Life and Death Brigade, and I dance for my

  17. bicycle bob says:

    spammer ur definately a boy. a 12 yr old boy. now i know i’m turning on L and D B by saying that but the truth is the truth.

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