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By David Poland

The 15 Headlines (of 50 From Last Week's 20 Weeks) That Still Work

Baby Is Lethal
Baby Love
Best Things In Life Are Freeman’s
Baby Scores Late Round Knockout
Five If By Air, Four If Baby
Aviator Wins Battle, Loses War
Yes Sir, That’s My Baby!
Eastwood Gets The Gold Pacifier For Baby
Two Swank!
Baby Needs A New Pair Of Oscars
Baby Fights Off Hughes To Take Crown
Down Goes Marty… Down Goes Marty!

One For Kaufman to Remember
Harvey Has Left The Auditorium

4 Responses to “The 15 Headlines (of 50 From Last Week's 20 Weeks) That Still Work”

  1. L&DB says:

    Im bored. Here are some of mine.
    Mediocrity rewarded, AGAIN!
    Rock Reveals Truth: African-Americans liked Saw!
    Scorcese Heart-Broken, Eastwood Enjoys His Misery
    Bjork video director has an Oscar. How that happen?
    Leo DiCaprio to Invest his own money in Female Boxers
    Security Issues at Oscars due to Giamatti apperance.
    Large breasted women disrupt Lumet’s Honorary Oscar Speech
    Oscar Reveals Beyonce to be “multi-talented”
    P-Diddy Mysterious Appearance at Oscars thanked to
    Jay-Z was actually at the Oscars.
    and the last one…
    OSCAR SHOCKER: Scorcese to clone self to guarantee
    a future Oscar win. “IF they dont reward this
    Scorcese, than Scorcese V.8 might have a better
    chance in 2069″-says Scorcese.

  2. KamikazeCamel says:

    “Bjork video director has an Oscar. How that happen?”
    a) have you SEEN the Bjork video clips? They’re 4 minute masterpieces!
    b) He got it by helping Charlie Kaufman write one of the best screenplays of the last decade

  3. L&Db says:

    I really use the English language in ways that some
    people do not pick up on things. Go read it again
    and see if you get what I am aiming at. I posted
    it in glee, not in discorn. Jesus, I speak 1
    percenter English. Oy to the vey. Indeed.

  4. flubber says:

    …lame joke

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