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It's A Warner Bros Valentines Day


Movies are like a box of choc-o-lates…

15 Responses to “It's A Warner Bros Valentines Day”

  1. bicycle bob says:

    classy move warners

  2. Mark says:

    David, what did you get them?

  3. thedoom says:

    How do I get on that mailing list? 😀

  4. Ray Pride says:

    MGM sent out “Be Cool” hearts for that movie; Disney’s got something in the next couple of months with “photobooth” photos of Ashton Kutcher kissing a girl accompanied by an off-the-shelf pack of SweetHearts. (Cheaper dates.)

  5. Ty Smith says:

    Yup, nothing spells Klass with a Kapital K than cheap Kandies as a way to try to bribe Kritics….

  6. jon s says:

    Thanks for putting the photo up, Dave. It’s important for people to know just how much pathetic bribery goes on between the studios and “critics”/”journalists.”
    What’s so pathetic is that unlike in Washington, Hollywood critics are such whores for the cheapest kind of bribes. You’d think they’d have to do more than give out candy hearts to get full grown adults to sign their names to statements calling Legally Blond 2 “Smart, Sassy, Sophisticated!” or Bogeyman the “most terrifying thrill ride so far this year!”

  7. David Poland says:

    I hear Earl Dittman gives his quotes on the massage table and considers his own cry of “That was the best of the year!” a happy ending.

  8. Dan R% says:

    Complain all you want, but I doubt there’d be anyone here who would deny all the free swag. It may not make any film better, but it’s sure fun to look at.

  9. Sandy says:

    God bless America. Swag like this for movie promotions can’t possibly exist anywhere else.

  10. Ty Smith says:

    I’d deny the swag. My middle name’s Mortimer, not Whoreboy.

  11. Josh Massey says:

    If you’d ever seen Earl Dittman, then you’d know there was NO WAY he could get atop a massage table.

  12. Mark says:

    Anyone complaining is just jealous.

  13. lazarus says:

    Funny, I didn’t know Miss Congeniality was franchise material. It sure as hell isn’t Legally Blonde. Are these people really that convinced of Sandra Bullock’s longevity? If Julia isn’t as big as she used to be, what makes them think her junior counterpart will fare any better?
    Ain’t goin’ nowhere.

  14. Geoff says:

    Now, I am not the biggest Sandra Bullock fan. I dug her in Speed (hey, who didn’t?) and she certainly charmed in While You Were Sleeping, but since then she really grated on me.
    But when I saw a free preview of Miss Congeniality with my wife, several years ago, I laughed out loud several times. It’s a pretty funny film and her scenes with Michael Caine made me smile.
    That said, do I have high hopes for the sequel? Nope. And it’s funny that you mention Legally Blonde. I liked the first one in that franchise, too, but then the sequel was just god awful. And Regina King is in both sequels, playing the same kind of sassy antagonist/ally to the main character? Hey, she was great in Ray, but this does not bode well. Sandra should have quit while she was ahead. And no Michael Caine, Candace Bergin, or Benjamin Bratt? New cast, sillier premise, seems like Speed 2 all over again.

  15. Mark says:

    Legally Blonde 2 ruined all the good will the first one garnered up. A good little movie.

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