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I think I had some sort of historically bad run of electronics luck this weekend… the worst of which was what seems to be the third dead hard drive in less than a year with my beloved VAIO laptop. Agony, especially when travelling.

I expect to spend much of today catching up.

Also, I got a note about a couple of folks “torturing” one of the other feedback writers (while my Blackberry was workng… another minor nightmare)… please stop it, whoever you are. I don’t want to start getting into “banning” people, which is why I never had open responses on any of the sites before. Having to patrol for unkindness all the time seems like its against the point of an open forum. Of course, it may be inevtiable… which might be the end of this open forum.

I have really enjoyed having this place for people to congregate and discuss things. It can get pretty rough without crossing the line. Please don’t cross the line. You all know where it is.

15 Responses to “Apologies…”

  1. Joe Leydon says:

    Aw, tell the truth, Poland: You and Paris Hilton had a long weekend, and you didn’t care f-all about your faithful readers while you were whooping it up.

  2. Mark says:

    Poland and Hilton. What a combo.

  3. thedoom says:

    Dave: “…the surprise of the weekend was that the film was able to make 50 million domestically and 120 internationally, due possibly in part to increased TV advertising…”
    …just kidding Dave, I enjoy your box office rundowns

  4. David Poland says:

    Putting the “box” back in box office.
    Actually, Paris’ trailer for House of Wax (aka Texas Wax Saw Masscre) was attached to Constantine. She better not lose that Blackberry address book.

  5. mex says:

    Guess what! Million dollar baby has come to México! (I know you dont care)But just wanna say I loved this movie and will win Best Movie, Director, actress and supporting actor.

  6. L&DB says:

    Poland can blame technology, but we all know
    he spent the last few days hunting the Yeti. Much
    like Yukon Corneilus, David Poland has been searching
    in vain for this most elusive beast. Just this
    past week, Poland succeed in capturing the Yeti.
    What followed the capture comes down to the following.
    Poland: “So I have shown you all 5 Best Picture
    nominees. Who do you want to win?”
    John Franklin Richard the 15th aka “YETI”: “While
    M$B has the worst ending of any film I have seen
    since the late 30s. I am going with Sideways for
    Best Picture. Why not?”
    There you go folks. David Poland brings you
    the Yeti’s Oscar prediction. YOu just cant say
    the same for Tom Oneil now can you?

  7. KamikazeCamel says:


  8. L&DB says:

    What is so confusing? Poland not only kicks it
    as a critic, but he also has a thing for capturing
    and/or interviewing the rarest of creatures known
    or unknown on the planet Earth.
    Coming soon…David Poland talks to Nessy about

  9. bicycle bob says:

    i don’t think anyone wants to talk to any person about son of the mask

  10. Dan R% says:

    bicycle bob nailed it right on the head.

  11. Terence D says:

    Can we all cut off Jamie Kennedy now after that and Malibu’s Most Wanted? I think he wore out his shot.

  12. L&Db says:

    No, we cannot cut him off. He gets to do a dramatic
    lead or supporting role before that happens. If
    he fails at that. Then he will be sent to the salt
    mines, aka, TV! There he will work 5 days a week
    on a sitcom or an HOUR-LONG if lucky!
    Get to work Jamie! GET TO WORK!
    Coming soon: David Poland sits down with the
    Chipacabra to discuss the fallout from this years

  13. L&DB says:

    And no, the Jamie Kennedy Experience does not count!

  14. bicycle bob says:

    all the goodwill he created off that show is now history.

  15. Mark says:

    Well it is apparent hes not a leading man. Solid supporting actor though. Some guys have it. Some don’t.

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