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Great Photoshop, Batman!!!

Worth 1000 delivers another terrific photoshop contest.  This one is called "Director’s Cut."   I picked my four favorites to show you, but you should check out the big load of them on the site.





5 Responses to “Great Photoshop, Batman!!!”

  1. LifeAndDeathBrigade says:

    Dear sweet lord. That Bilbo pic needs to be put on
    a t-shirt. Fucking hell. Fucking hell.

  2. JT says:

    I made the mistake of looking at that Bilbo pic before I ate breakfast…ugh. I must say, the pic with Michael Corleone and MM looks really well done out of them all.

  3. bicycle bob says:

    mini me was in jack dempseys the night the turk got it?

  4. Mark says:

    These are god awful.

  5. bicycle bob says:

    shows people will buy anything

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