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One Good Thing About The Grudge

The trailer for Boogeyman kicks some serious trailer butt… maybe the best thriller trailler since Texas Chainsaw Massacre….

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6 Responses to “One Good Thing About The Grudge”

  1. Stella's Boy says:

    My first reaction to the Boogeyman trailer was, “Looks like 2005’s Darkness Falls.” It looks awful. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing hysterically. Barry Watson? Spend one night in the old spooky house to cure yourself? A creepy little kid? Yikes. No wonder rumors of direct-to-video started floating around recently.

  2. BrotherhoodOfKevinMillar says:

    They are remaking Boogeyman? What in the hell has
    been going on in La La Land that they think remaking
    that flick has a lick of sense behind it? Great.
    Just Great.

  3. Mark says:

    Barry Watsons best role was in Oceans 11.

  4. Jeff says:

    What are you talking about? YOU HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT HORROR MOVIES. Boogeyman looks like just another routine monster movie. The Ring 2 has a better trailer. The first half of the trailer for White Noise is better. Hell, I’m more willing to see Seed of Chucky than Boogeyman.

  5. I must side with the commenteers on this one, DP. The Boogeyman trailer did nothing for me – aside from inspire a few eye-rolls.

  6. martin says:

    it looks like crap

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