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Shouldn’t it be called “Gilligan’s Island With Supermodels?”

25 Responses to “Lost?”

  1. Andy says:

    I’m thinking more like ‘Battle Royale’ based on the distress call. Awesome pilot, anyways.
    And, consider this: All those people were flying in coach. The 1st class section broke off and presumably suffered a much worse fate. When was the last time you saw that many attractive people in coach?

  2. BrotherhoodOfSteel says:

    Now, David, you just pulled a “Jennifer Garner the new Gretchen Mol” moment
    by calling LOST, “Gilligan Island with Super Models.”
    Man, that’s some craziness right there, but I will
    defend the casting by stating that this was an
    INTERNATIONAL flight. I have never been on one myself
    but I am believe a better looking group of people
    would be on an INTERNATIONAL Flight than domestic.
    Just one man’s opinion, but LOST’s first two episodes
    are better than most films I have seen all year.
    If film paid off as well as hour-long story arc
    intensive TV, then maybe Rex Reed would not be hatin
    on David O. Russell.
    That’s why I love MCN, because I would never have
    read that article without it. Rex has some points
    though, those directors and writers are making
    some very odd films that I might like on occasion, but
    the films are off.
    Back to LOST, just plains rules to no end. Any show
    that hires Terry O’Quinn and Daniel Dae Kim, plus
    Daniel’s freakin WIFE, kicks all sorts of ass.

  3. Supermodels and mutated polar bears!

  4. bicycle bob says:

    can’t watch network shows. only hbo or fx. even with bikini clad island girls

  5. adamkwong says:

    I don’t get this – is Poland complaining, or does he not like the show, or what? These first two episodes have rocked. By my count, there are 4 attractive women out of the 20 or so people shown so far. Is that really so outrageous? I don’t know, this just sounds like one of Poland’s snide, snarky MCN headlines.

  6. BrotherhoodOfSteel says:

    You are really a special kind of person arent you Bob? While I will praise the Shield and Rescue Me as being two great Cable shows. Network TV, and to some extent the Netlets, still do TV at it’s best. You cannot find Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Lost, Everwood, Kevin Hill, and so on on cable. These are essentially network shows, and even the least story-arc heavy TV like CSI does not exactly bore you.
    Cable really has nothing going for it but more sex, cursing, and enhanced violence most of the time since it does not fall under the evil claws of the fascist FCC. Shows like The Shield and Rescue Me go beyond all that in ways most of the shows, say on HBO, really do not.
    Network TV at least has a season where I know when shows will return, unlike Cable where you just have to guess. I will take the networks programming over cable most of the time, but if you ignore Network TV make sure you at least catch up with it on DVD. Ever heard of Family Guy, Buffy, Angel, Alias, Firefly, or Freaks and Geeks? If not drop some cash, and get anquainted with greatness, yo.

  7. Dan R% says:

    Well LOST certainly has my attention for the time being. Although I fear it could turn out to be really campy sooner or later. I must have faith.

  8. bicycle bob says:

    brother, u seem to be obsessed with me. and if u say everwood, the boring gilmore girls, crappy wb shows, are good tv than you’re beyond help.
    firely was garbage. alias? can anyone besides hardcore watchers explain whats going on? angel? he made david hasslehoff look like an oscar winner
    you’re not really giving a convincing arguement, chief.
    and family guy didn’t hit its stride and popularity til it was cancelled and the dvd came out. but thanks.

  9. BrotherhoodOfSteel says:

    Bob, no, you are just my antithesis. You just represent
    everything I am against in a human being. Which
    makes you really special. I mean, Mark Duper trying
    to change his name to “SUPER”, special. IF anyone
    cannot appreciate Everwood or Gilmore Girls you are
    really indeed of a nerf bat full of good taste to
    your head. Easily some of the best hours you can
    spend watching TV! How often does that happen?
    And no Special Bob; Family Guy hit it’s stride while
    on FOX back in 2000! You know nothing of TV. So
    why dont you just shake your antithesis friggin head
    and deal. Family Guy just got picked up thanks to
    DVD sales from people who were sold on the show long
    before they ever aired repeats on Cartoon Network.
    For people like you Special Bob; I refuse to make
    a strong argument, because the thought of it makes
    me physically ill. Please keep on being everything
    I am against in a human; you wanker :)

  10. BrotherhoodOfSteel says:

    You insulted Boreanez? Wow. Like your taste in
    politics, you really know jack and shit about
    good acting. Plus Special Bob, people with high
    brain functions can easily follow what’s happening
    on Alias; Sydney at some point will use something
    really bad to reign havoc on Sloane, probably, at
    some point in the future. The whole show happens to be about
    seeing what brings Sydney to that point.
    Outside of freakin STAR TREK, which had more seasons
    and a hardcore fan base not to mention Paramount
    needing something to get them some cash in the
    late 70’s, no other cancelled TV show has been
    turned into a film. Firefly had all of 16 episodes,
    most of which did not air, and pulled off production
    values that Kerry Conran couldnt pull off with more
    of a friggin budget. Calling Firefly, “garbage”, again
    just proves to me you just do not know jack about
    quality television. When Serenity becomes a sucessful
    film and gets turned into a TV show again. Please;
    dont be shocked.
    Crazy Special Bob. Youre funny. You make me laugh.

  11. Sandy says:

    Dave, you’ve got to watch Desperate Housewives this Sunday night! ABC is on a roll!

  12. petersob says:

    Ummm, weren’t the “Naked Gun” movies based on a cancelled TV show-one that actually ran for fewer episodes than “Firefly” (if such a thing is possible)?

  13. BrotherhoodOfSteel says:

    Peter, you may be correct, but Police Squad had a
    few more episodes than Firefly. I am not sure, but
    I might need a clarifier on that statement I made
    about Firefly. So thanks for the info.
    And please tell me why I should watch Desperate Housewives?
    This show really does look as if it has nothing to
    offer me in more ways than one. I enjoy watching
    Jack and Bobby damn it! Now I have to give this
    show a chance? GRR ARRGH! I got a headache!
    But if someone could give a brother a solid case
    for Desperate Housewives I would appreciate it.

  14. bicycle bob says:

    anyone that actually watched firefly definately still lives in their parents basement
    its ok, steel, u will get out of it one day. u should really stop the star trek conventions though, cupcake

  15. thedoom says:

    It’s surprising that someone who writes on a fifth-grade level would be criticizing someone else for living with their parents.
    Bob, you “definately” need a better argument.

  16. bicycle bobo says:

    i forgot i was writing essays and novels here
    my bad
    i’ll work on that

  17. John says:

    Lost… indeed one of the best new shows to hit the networks in a long time. Really kinda stunned that it turned up on ABC, though. Good for them.

  18. mike says:

    POLICE SQUAD only ran six episodes. FIREFLY was what, 11?

  19. BrotherhoodOfSteel says:

    Special Bob, you make a brother laugh. Seriously, people with your typing skills are usually the ones stuck in parent’s basements. However that comment remains to make little sense. Because how many people have basements anymore?

  20. Sandy says:

    I’m not in TV or movies, so I would guess the recent change in management over at ABC is going to do better things for that network. Good for them. Quality dramas are much better than reality shows.

  21. mark says:

    Steel guy, you really do like some really terrible tv. Whats next? You going to go on a rant about how good Gilmore Girls is?

  22. BrotherhoodOfSteel says:

    Yeah dumb dumb, nothing on TV comes close to the
    quality of Gilmore Girls. I will dare say that
    no one in Hollywood writing films today, as in the
    people Rex Reed hate, have as much talent as Amy
    Sherman-Pallidino. They do not come close. She can
    even direct. So god help the poor lowly directs in
    Hollywood if Amy Sherman ever gets her chance at a film.
    If you do not like Gilmore Girls due to your testicles
    or some other bullshit male excuse; then that happens
    to be all on you. I love the show. I eagerly await
    season 2 on DVD, and even will watch the shows again
    on ABC Family.
    Easily the best show on Television. End of Line.
    Now go watch OLN or some other crap Mark. Oh, you
    dont know OLN? Arent you a MANLY MAN!

  23. mark says:

    When you say things like that how are we supposed to respect your television opinions? Honestly.

  24. BrotherhoodOfSteel says:

    Mark, because just about every TV critic in the
    country feels the same damn way. SO if you want
    to get with it, then maybe you should see where I
    and them are coming from. If not, keep on watching
    the crap you watch, and keep on convincing yourself
    that those shows are really good, when they are
    okay, and not on any level close to the Gilmore Girls.
    Thank you, come again.

  25. bicycle bob says:

    figures that steel loves gilmore. explains so much about him.

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