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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Runners Up:
2. Cold Mountain
3. Mystic River
4. Lost in Translation
5. Finding Nemo
6. American Splendor
7. In America
8. Big Fish
9. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
10. The Last Samurai

Sean Penn/Mystic River

Runners Up:
2. Bill Murray/Lost in Translation
3. Ben Kingsley/House of Sand and Fog
4. Johnny Depp/Pirates of the Caribbean
5. Paul Giamatti/American Splendor

Charlize Theron/Monster

Runners Up:
2. Nicole Kidman/Cold Mountain
3. Diane Keaton/Something’s Gotta Give
4. Scarlett Johansson/Lost in Translation
5. Naomi Watts/21 Grams

Alec Baldwin/The Cooler

Runners Up:
2. Tim Robbins/Mystic River
3. Ken Watanabe/The Last Samurai
4. Albert Finney/Big Fish
5. Peter Sarsgaard/Shattered Glass

Renee Zellweger/Cold Mountain

Runners Up:
2. Patricia Clarkson/Pieces of April
3. Marcia Gay Harden/Mystic River
4. Holly Hunter/Thirteen
5. Ludivine Sagnier/Swimming Pool

Peter Jackson/The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Runners Up:
2. Clint Eastwood/Mystic River
3. Anthony Minghella/Cold Mountain
4. Sofia Coppola/Lost in Translation
5. Tim Burton/Big Fish

City of God

Runners Up:
2. The Barbarian Invasions
3. The Triplets of Belleville
4. Together
5. Man on the Train

Capturing the Friedmans

Runners Up:
2. The Fog of War
3. Winged Migration
4. Spellbound
5. To Be and to Have

Finding Nemo

Andrew Lesnie/The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

RUSSELL SMITH AWARD (best low budget or cutting edge independent film)
American Splendor

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“Yes, yes, yes. Now I am also the producer on Jean-Luc’s films, so I need to raise the money. Yes, there are two projects in preparation with the pretext of virtual reality. We are beginning with two approaches: we can either do or undo VR. Maybe we will undo it more than we do VR, because thinking about VR leads to the opposite of VR. Is there concrete imagination in virtual reality? For me, cinema is concrete imagination because it’s made with the real and uses it. VR, virtual reality, is totally the opposite of that, but it might be interesting to use this and then to destroy it. No, we’ll see, we’ll see. First, it’s just an idea of a beginning. There is a forest to cross, and we are just at the beginning of the forest. The first step is development. As they say in business, first there is development and research. We have to develop somehow an idea for the film; I won’t say a script, but to see what we can do with this system, and what we can undo with this system.”
~ Fabrice Aragno On Godard’s Next Projects

“Why put it in a box? This is the number one problem I have—by the way it’s a fair question, I’m not saying that—with this kind of festival situation is that there’s always this temptation to classify the movie immediately and if you look at it—and I’ve tried to warn my fellow jurors of this—directors and movie critics are the worst people to judge movies! Directors are always thinking, “I could do that.” Critics are always saying, “This part of the movie is like the 1947 version and this part…” And it’s like, “Fuck! Just watch the movie and try and absorb it and not compare it to some other fucking movie and put it in a box!” So I think the answer’s both and maybe neither, I don’t know. That’s for you to see and criticize me for or not.”
~ James Gray